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  • The Importance Of Multiplication Facts

    Understanding of multiplication facts is essential to have down by fourth grade. Knowing the times tables and being able to fluently recall immediately is needed throughout the entire year because of PA Mathematics Standards beginning with multiplication of multidigit numbers. There were students in my fourth grade classroom that had yet to be fluent with their multiplication facts, and it was necessary for them to have it down, for everyday mathematics and for the PSSA’s. I discussed with my…

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  • Howard House Architecture Analysis

    Architectural elements harmonize and organize architecture. Without order confusion can set in, using architecture elements and principles there will be order and harmony. An architect uses these methods to create an emotional and balanced design. Case studies chosen to analyze are Howard House in West Pennant, Nova Scotia designed by Brian MacKay-Lyons, second chosen was the B2 House in Ayvacik, Turkey by Han Tumertekin. Both buildings have elements and principles of architecture that will we…

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  • Case Analysis: Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense

    Problem Statement 7th ID provides Security Force (SECFOR) support to a Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) firing battery Task Force (TF) in the PACOM AOR. SECFOR consists of a Company(-) of 71 personnel conducting fixed-site security and 1 medic conducting medical support to the TF. Responsibility for the SECFOR mission will transition from 25th ID in early January 2017 and will reside with 7th ID until relieved, which is currently anticipated to be in early December 2017. During that…

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  • Organizational Structure Problem

    In today 's complex business environment managers and employees face many obstacles relating to working in groups on assigned projects in order to complete those projects that ultimately contribute to the bottom line, or enables the company to remain a competitive force within their assigned industry. There are many reasons as to why groups experience conflict but one business I want to highlight refers to conflict within the organizational structure. "Good introductory paragraph Organizational…

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  • Personal Reflection On Group Meetings

    my group put into this project. In terms of attending the group meetings, everyone was present and participated in the discussion. The first meeting took place on a Sunday afternoon at Baruch and the second meeting took place on a weeknight in the form of a Google Hangout. The times and places of these meetings alone displayed every group members’ commitment to the project, effort to accommodate for scheduling conflicts, and effort to ensure they are contributing their fair share to the group…

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  • Applying Associative Property To Multiply

    an equation on the board and ask the students to try solve it in their group. On the whiteboard, I will write: 5x(4x1) and (5x 4) x1. During the phase of teaching, John A. Van De Walle (2010),…

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  • Pedagogical Case Studies

    I. Introduction I became interested creating and applying methodologies for mathematics education because the entry-level mathematics students often encounter difficulties in understanding magnitudes of large numbers. I shall begin my case study from some experiments that how accurately the children could estimate the numbers magnitudes by various aspects of a stimulus. Thus far, my research has followed two lines of inquiry. The first line of study is to identify children’s different…

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  • Home Improvement Research Paper

    How do you know if tackling a home improvement project is right for you? How do you know if you have the skills that will be needed to accomplish the task ahead of you? How do you choose the right home improvement project? There is no simple answer to the questions above. Most of the time, choosing a home improvement project is based on need. What needs to be done around your house? Once you have determined what needs to be done, ask yourself if you feel capable, and comfortable doing the task…

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  • Case Study: Gentiva

    Pickens and other area. Gentiva is a home health agency and a hospice agency. Gentiva is currently part of the Kindred company. This is a great resource for gentiva clients because they can be transferred to the care they need based on their health. If the client is recommended for hospice but their health changes their health records can be transferred to home health. Gentiva makes home visits and nursing home visits. If the client gets moved to a nursing home or is in the hospital Gentiva…

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  • Home Renovation Essay

    Imagine living in the dream home that you created as a child? Taking control over the design process makes the designing of your home a more engaging, fulfilling and personal experience. Nevertheless, you cannot just start designing without taking a few aspects into consideration because these seemingly tiny slips can add more value to your home. Renovations have become more popular. In fact, the Westpac Renovation Report from 2014 shows that home renovations had increased as much as 147 percent…

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