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  • OIT: A Short Story

    My first week at OIT was rough. The physical environment was alien, my emotions were like a rollercoaster, and I had trouble with my friend groups. Luckily the best therapy was time. My home was one thing that never changed in my life. I lived in the same house since I was one-year-old. I know that house like I built it. Moving into my own room, five far hours away, was a freaky idea. On campus I was immediately shocked by the crisp wind chill whipping off Klamath lake. I was fascinated by the…

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  • Immigration In Korea Analysis

    the same idea, her daughters live here but they were at angers for high school first year because their mom had left, again. But nowadays, they are, especially her, more stable because immigration don’t have only advantages but unwanted effects such home sick and adaptation each time for each new place. Gender roles are very balanced to the Peterson, I have notice it when I was there for thanksgiving, in fact, Milo do same housework as Lori, each at their time. When I was there, it was Milo’s…

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  • International Student Homesickness

    Homesickness remains an exceedingly real problem among first time college students, although several students tend to hide it. “Although international students also experienced homesickness and loneliness due to missing their family, friends, and home country, they reported higher levels of homesickness than their U.S. counterparts and that homesickness was likely to increase their adjustment problems in the new environment” (Baba and Hosoda). The whole point of traveling to a new country for…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Foreclosure

    to support their families or live in their homes. Today, many thousands of those victims of foreclosures have since turned into potential homebuyers. Today, just 5 or 6 years after the economy took such a large hit, it has reached record heights. The real estate market is still difficult to buy for many, but it has definitely come back from where it was. How did real estate turn around so well you ask? When homes are…

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  • Why Is Home Inspection Important

    Common Home Inspection Mistakes That Buyers And Sellers Make If you are in the real estate business then you know what a home inspection is. You probably know how important it is to selling property. Most people who aren't in the industry but are simply trying to sell or buy a house probably don't know of or even consider getting a home inspection done and the uninformed generally tend to make mistakes when they contract the services of a home inspector. What is a home inspection? The…

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  • Benefits Of Cleaning Your Home

    Cleaning your home is often the last thing that comes up in the mind and the schedule of a busy person. No matter how big or small your house is if it’s dirty it looks like it’ll take forever to clean it. When you try to keep up with your professional life, taking care of your kids, cooking for your family and trying to find some extra time to spend with your significant other, somehow the cleaning goes to the bottom of your priorities list. When your house is a mess, you feel less productive…

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  • Case Study A Glimpse Into Buying Your First Home

    A Glimpse into Buying your First Home 1. Intro Envisioning your life after college began from the beginning you drew your first home. In elementary school, art skills are put to the test to bring the house we aspire to have out from our imaginations and onto a white rectangular sheet of paper. The teacher would ask everyone to raise their drawings up for the class to see. All were unique, yet most with the same nonchalant design: a square base, door, one or two windows, and triangular roof.…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Grow Up In A Traditional Nuclear Family

    of my grandparents who in a sense took the first shift. They took me to school and made sure I was taken care of until my mother returned from work. “But most workplaces have remained inflexible in the face of family demands of their workers and at home…” (Hochschild 12). This was true for my mother who wasn’t…

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  • Gender Inequality In Children

    Gender Inequalities in Children’s Everyday Life How did the color pink, butterflies, dresses, makeup and dolls become a symbol of a girl’s? Why do we relate GI joes, dinosaurs, camouflage, the color blue, and dirt to boys? Why are boys thought of as the stronger sex and girls as the weaker sex? Why are certain everyday household activities deemed unmanly or manly? We are hurting our children by forcing societal gender roles upon them by telling/showing them what to wear, what toys to play with…

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  • My Mom Is My Hero

    have as a parent. It is already hard enough to maintain a home, work decent hours, and raise one child on two incomes. Now, imagine maintaining a home, working long hours, and raising four children on just one income. My mom did this for twenty-two years, and it was not easy on her, but she never once complained. As a child, I never realized how hard she worked, however, looking back now I remember how she acted after coming home from work. My mom worked as a cook and stock manager. She…

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