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  • De Rerum Natura By Lucretius: Poem Analysis

    a person, some say self represents one’s relationship with others and some say that the self is in fact and illusion. In the ancient Hellenistic period, self have been presented in the poem “De Rerum Natura” by Lucretius, as well as the novel “the Golden Ass” by Apuleius. Additionally, “nature or nurture”, the debate that have been going on for years discusses what the self is and where it comes from. There is numerous of theories on the meaning of self, its existence, and its presence that will…

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  • Comparative Eschatology

    Comparative Eschatology of Christianity and World Mythologies When dealing with the idea of eschatology, many common views come from break-offs of the Abrahamic religions, with the most commonly known revolving around Jesus’ second-coming, the Rapture, and the Armageddon, the fight between the Antichrist and Jesus. While this view seems to be the most developed view of the end of the world, many religions prior to modern times also had some stories or ideas that explained how the end of the…

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  • Medea Feminist Analysis

    Medea: A Feminist Cry The majority of the plays written in Ancient Greece diminish women. Women were put into the same category as slaves and children. For the most part women were treated as objects instead of actual people. Women were given to men as time during times of war. Women were meant to stay at home and do chores or other womanly things like sew and raise children. They were never expected to speak up when a man made a decision that they did not agree with. They were supposed to take…

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  • Case Study: Myrter And Castle Cheese

    014). For that, Myrter and Castle Cheese employees should not be held accountable for adding cellulose, when it is perfectly allowed by the FDA. As for the Listeria issue, in this case, all the blame should not fall into the hands Michelle Myrter. For example, the FDA sent inspectors to Castle Cheese, the inspectors found Listeria on their property (Beach, C. 2016). The FDA states that Castle Cheese continued to manufacture fake and real cheese products from March 22, 2012, through November 9,…

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  • Arguments Against Gmo Foods

    As America moves towards efficiency and mass production, the agricultural industry follows the same pattern. One of the more recent developments for mass production and decreased costs of food production. Numerous questions and concerns surrounding the safety and impact on human’s health preceded this new introduction. Genetically modified organisms, GMOs for short, have been at the center of congressional hearing and federal agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The question…

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  • Why Gmos Should Not Be Banned Essay

    Evolution is the theory of development from earlier forms. Genetically modified organisms, also known as GMOs, can originate back to ancient nations when they began manipulating different organisms to appease their needs. Today more than 75% of the world’s food is attributed by GMOs, yet only 37% of Americans agree that they are safe to eat. The biggest misconception between scientists and the public is actually over GMOs: 88% of U.S. scientists say genetically modified foods are safe to eat.…

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  • Labeling Pros And Cons

    All About that Label A pack of cigarettes comes with a caution in bold, red letters to those who might purchase it, yet products containing organisms that have been genetically spliced or modified are often hidden in plain sight with little warning regarding its ingredients. Consumers should be able to make knowledgeable decisions about what they are buying and consuming rather than purchasing blindly without consequence. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires labeling of…

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  • Genetically Modified Organisms Good Or Bad Essay

    Genetically modified organisms prove to be essential to the growth and success of developing countries. Since 2010, about 1.02 billion people go hungry internationally. Many of these people are from developing areas such as countries in Africa. Genetically modified organisms, as shown above, increase yield gain, and decrease insect destruction and pesticide usage. Many genetically modified organisms provide nutrients that would normally be unavailable to these developing countries. Vitamin A is…

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  • Beck's Reflexive Analysis

    BSE, the E-coli virus were not confined to a single region or country, nor do they spread out to certain social groups in society exclusively. It is widely known fact that, environmental hazards have no boundaries and are universalized by water, air, food chains and winds. Therefore, the question is who is not worried about the environment? It is obvious that everyone should be concerned of the environment in which we live, whether rich or poor, developed or developing nations. This knowledge of…

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  • Mandatory Labeling Argumentative Analysis

    GMO’s are foods that have been genetically altered to have the most desirable characteristics. There are individuals who want to these foods to come with labels while others think it is a bad idea. In article one, “Although Some GMO Sympathizers Embrace Mandatory Labeling, It’s A Disaster In Waiting,” by Jon Entine, argues that sticking labels on GMOs will create problems and there no need to for them. Article two, “Even if GMOs are safe, mandatory labeling is a good Idea,” by Mahni Ghorashi,…

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