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  • Sir Thomas Dale's Permision To Marry Pocahontas

    Pocahontas' father. She was treated very well by the English and ended up converting to Christianity and being baptized with the name Rebecca. By the time she was finally released, she had fallen in love with John Rolfe. Rolfe realizes that there might be consequences if he marries her and he wants to be a righteous Christian man. He is fully devoted to the Lord, writing that he had never failed to faithfully pray to God for his sacred and holy assistance every day. However, he feels a lot of…

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  • Autism In Church Analysis

    Imago Dai—the Bible tells us that we are all made in the image of God. And if so, why is it that people who are perceived as “different” are judged and persecuted against among the Christen tradition? It is hard to fathom a life lived in the grips of autism, constantly in sensory overload and not being able to effectively communicate. When families go to church, they want to celebrate the life God has granted them, but because of the often-disruptive nature of autism, families with autistic…

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  • Gautama Vs Buddha

    In comparing the two messages, one would find that both are extremely similar. In both messages, the prophets are preaching a message and it is being conveyed to an audience about how to conduct one's self in order to reach either the Kingdom of God or Nirvana. The Buddha Gautama the “Enlightened One” is a prince from a “sheltered court life,” who wanted to “remedy suffering” and wanted to escape the sorrows of mortal existence. Joshua or as he is known by is Greek name Jesus is…

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  • Art And Inspiration Essay

    St. Paul said that the entire Bible is inspired by God, and the stories of Pentecost speak of the Holy Spirit descending with the sound of a mighty wind. This understanding of inspiration is vital for those who make a literal reading of the Bible, for them, the authors of the Scriptures if they are owned by the voice of God, not would their personal view on the text. For those who understand the inspiration as a less static phenomenon…

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  • Christian Worldview Speech

    like you do. However, knowing and learning about those different worldviews is not always a bad thing because you get to know what is true and have faith in what you trust, which is God. The phrase “Christian worldview” is one that is open to wide interpretation. A Christian worldview means knowing that Christianity has made significant impact…

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  • Creon's Ignorance In Sophocles Antigone

    C.S.Lewis once said in the book Mere Christianity that,“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.” This means that if you are always looking down on others you never get a chance to see who is above you so you often that assume it is you. This is dangerous because, once the people who are above you realize this, you will be put back in your place. In Sophocles's Greek tragedy, Antigone,…

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  • Ann Hopkins 'Poem God's Grandeur'

    Hopkins View of Nature In Hopkins first poem "God's Grandeur," he connects his faith in God by having this poem focus on the handiwork of God and how man has basically ruined that handiwork which is nature. However, this is more like condemning man for not honoring and taking care of God's gift of nature to us, and Hopkins fully surrenders at the fact that God is in control of everything, including the natural world we live in. Hopkins declares in the first line of God's…

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  • Analysis Of Holy Sonnet Xiv By John Donne

    is clearly reflected in his writings, and his "Holy Sonnet XIV", is a sinner's prayer to God. Through the utilization of diction use and literary devices such as allusion and imagery, Donne draws the audience into intimately experiencing the speaker's desperation, despair, and devotion as shown throughout the poem. The speaker appears to be a lowly sinner who is shackled to his sins and cries out to God to lift him out of his immorality and bondage. The poem is filled with emotional turmoil…

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  • Adoptionism: Closed Canon

    Adoptionism: Adoptionism came to form by the thought that God, at some point, saw a worthiness in Jesus so He then “adopted” Him and bestowed power upon Him. At this point in time Patripassianism was an idea the church was trying to fight against; therefore by bringing distinction to the roles of God and Jesus appears to eliminates the thought of God suffering. The concept of God adopting a “worthy” Jesus and bestowing power upon Him was also formulated in an early Gnostic thought. Augustus:…

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  • Dripps Model Of Exclusionary Rule

    Elizabeth, I do concede that Dripps model of the contingent exclusionary rule is fascinating; yet, it is my opinion that there are pros and cons. It is without doubt that the present exclusionary rule is controversial. I also concede that there isn’t a need to completely re-invent the wheel. Conversely, Dripps argues in regards of the contingent suppression order in which prosecutors would have to choose between accepting exclusion of evidence obtained through infractions of the Fourth…

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