God in Christianity

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  • Christian Worldviews And Worldview

    How does one view God or Gods? Are there many Gods just as Greek Mythology figures such as Zeus- God of the Sky, Poseidon- God of the Sea, or Ares – God of War? Or is there one God whom the Bible speaks about who created the heavens and the earth and everything on it? These are just a few questions that come to mind when focusing on Christian Worldviews and worldviews in general. Christians are passionate about proclaiming their love and faith for the one who went to Calvary cross for their sins…

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  • Comparing Kierkegaard's Fear And Trembling

    What is faith? According to Merriam-Webster, there are three main definitions of faith: 1) it is an allegiance to duty or a person. 2) It is a belief and trust in and loyalty to God or the traditional doctrines of a religion 3) it is a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Faith is an idea that is used to fill the gap that people encounter between reasons and conclusions. Like other ideas, and theories, presented in philosophy there are usually multiple opposing sides to one…

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  • Phrases In The Book 'Half Truths' By Adam Hamilton

    such as “everything happens for a reason, God helps those who help themselves, and God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” Pastor Hamilton uses scriptural references from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Bible to break down these phrases and clarify the meaning of them to his readers. He also expresses that although most people have good intentions for quoting these phrases, they “…can sometime hurt people and lead people to conclusions about God that not only are not true but that…

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  • Ignatius Research Paper

    Ignatius was one of the children that Jesus received and blessed when He said, let the little children come to me. When he was the bishop, he encouraged his Christians to hold firm to their faith during the persecution by refusing to worship the king as a god. He was renowned for his inspirational writings. Being a disciple of the apostles, the church upholds his teachings dearly. He…

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  • Descartes As Contrasted In Machiavelli's The Prince

    In Discourse, any reader is quick to learn that Descartes is discussing previous topics or ideas that Machiavelli himself also deliberated on as well. The works of both these philosophers present the student with various ways to look at God, along with humans, and the Church. Though their viewpoints agree and disagree, Machiavelli had a significant influence on the works of Descartes. Overall, by comparing and contrasting the various thoughts and opinions of Machiavelli and Descartes the reader…

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  • Cultural Collision In Things Fall Apart

    his son in order to fulfill his necessity for Nwoye to be absurdly masculine. Also dealing with his internal conflict between personal morality and gruesome cultural traditions, Nwoye was in desperate need of emotional resolutions. The arrival of Christianity in Umuofia provided Nwoye with an unfamiliar and benevolent spiritual figure, as well as a community with ethics similar to his own. In Things Fall Apart, author Chinua Achebe uses Nwoye’s character development to convey that a cultural…

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  • The Shortcomings Of The Protestant Revolution

    It is the idea “firmly embodied at the heart of the Protestant revolution that all Christians have the right to interpret the Bible for themselves.” This “idea” enabled the scholars and thinkers to do an in-depth examination of the doctrines and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in the light of Scripture. McGrath brings to light in his study the shortcomings of the teachings of Catholicism and the abuses of the clergy hierarchy which brought about the need for change. This dangerous idea…

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  • David Migliore Resurrection

    In congruence with David Migliore, “the resurrection of Christ stands at the center of the NT witness” (Faith Seeking Understanding, 191). The faith of Christianity falls if there is no resurrection, Paul asserted this in 1 Corinthians 15. Tom Wright rightly notes that the Gospel narratives do not focus on the resurrection until the end, whether it be an empty tomb or an interaction with the risen Lord. Then, from the epistles onward, the resurrection is the focal point of Christian proclamation…

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  • Fool's Talk Analysis

    that the less consistent people are to their own view of reality, the closer they are to God’s reality (p. 96).” These poles are very helpful in explaining how presuppositions relate to the understanding of the unbeliever and their relationship to God. This is very helpful for the believer in being able to determine the specific tension that the unbeliever is struggling through and how they are most likely dealing with this…

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  • Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time By Marcus J. Borg

    the perspective people have of God and Jesus evolves throughout time. He does this by examining his own faith journey, and how his vison of Jesus and God changed as he matured and had various experiences. After his personal narrative, Borg examines the different perspectives scholars consider for Jesus. These two perspectives are the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith. It is through these two perspectives that Borg examines not only his own faith but Christianity as well. In Chapter one…

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