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  • Smart Fortwo Car Fallacy Argument

    It shows us how we can enjoy it if we buy it. For his 8 feet tall and 10 inches long the smart fortwo car is a compact car. Is the smallest production of a car in North America. Behind that, this car fits on smallest parking spots, and goes easy on fuel. This is favorable for most of the people who want a two seat compact car. This car is an…

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  • The Food Waste Problem

    by providing a better system of disposal they are creating more jobs for people and keeping our environment clean. As I work for Real Canadian Superstore I see that they take their food that expires on that day and give it to the employees which is smart because instead of throwing the food away its better to eat the most we can cause in the end of the day we can decrease the methane gas and CO2 emissions from our landfills. With better systems of disposal of our excess food we could ultimately…

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  • Myriad Benefits Of College

    Myriad Benefits of College In this century an education is indispensable and mandatory to be successful. According to a recent survey in Feldman’s book, P.O.W.E.R , college students said they wanted “ to learn more things that interest me.” Moreover, forty percent wanted to be more cultured. But sixty- eight percent reported they hoped college would provide a path to a more lucrative career. In addition to promise of a higher salary, college offers a myriad of benefit to students who…

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  • Social Media And Social Relationships

    connected. For examples, Facebook, has many essential features such as live stream, Wi-Fi-calls, messengers that are absolutely free and available at any time as long as you have internet of high-speed data. In addition, because of how easily society can get access of social media, everyone can chat/talk/facetime with each other at a long distance, share their significant events or moments on Instagram/Facebook/snapchat. Indeed, social media isolated its users from having real life human…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Jim Crow Laws

    DuBois will get his point across faster by breaking stereotypes. When African Americans were no longer slaves, people still though very lowly of them. White Americas would see them as stupid and lazy. An example of this is a 1941 cartoon called “Scrub me Mamma with a Boogie Beat.” In this cartoon it is depicted that black people are simpleminded and slothful. Their town is literally called Lazytown and their…

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  • Family's Role In Roman Society

    society the oldest man of the family was considered as a paterfamilias, “father of the family”. So when any old person from the house get died all the powers goes to their children’s and they are responsible of powers and property. But no one has right on property if he is a son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter unless and until oldest person from the house get died. In this society marriage plays important role to make…

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  • How To Build A Cohesive Team

    conflict, when you get dysfunctional conflict the team members starting holding grudges and hurt feeling against other members which will fester and break your team apart when members start taking sides against each other. The quality of the product starts to suffer along with the quantity that is produced and cost goes up when you start reworking parts and have to add more cost to each part. So you can see how it becomes a ineffective team pretty…

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  • What Are You Most Proud Of And Why?

    Smart people always miss the most obvious things and willful blindness often results not from too little information, but too much; we can get to a point where we can no longer see the wood for the trees and then we start assuming - there are many smart and willfully blind human beings out there! More people need to embrace their inner idiots, ask childlike questions and not…

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  • Analysis Of Another Place, Another Time By Cory Doctorow

    for instance playing in the switchyard. Gilbert does not like to be wrong, he often argues with the people trying to persuade them that they are wrong, an example of that is in line 8 “That’s where you're wrong !”,. Gilbert is also very smart and loves to learn. In line 92, Gilbert says, “I want to do more physics, but Señor (his teacher) says I don’t have the math for it.”’. This quote is an example of Gilbert's eagerness to learn. One other side of his character is also that he…

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  • The American Dream Personal Argument

    they’re told, not talking back and not throwing tantrums. Then, once the month us up, their parents say, “You don’t get to have a party.” The child asks why this is so, when they did what they had to do to earn the party. The parent gives no explanation or reasoning. The child is confused and let down. They wanted that party, and were prepared to do what it took to get it, but still didn’t get it. Millennials are kids, who just want their birthday party, but are continually being told they can’t…

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