Habits 101 Essay

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Sticky notes, notebook paper, typing notes, reading the book, or simply reviewing what someone has previously learned are all different kinds of study methods. Using a certain type of study method doesn’t define how smart someone may be but, can show how much they care about their grades. Some people spend every free moment of their life studying. Others have never studied a day in their life and get the same grades as someone who does study. So what’s the point someone may ask? When it comes to studying people need to figure out what works best for them. It is believed that there are four different kinds of people with their own study method when it comes to studying, proactive, ordinary, procrastinators, and the people who put forth no effort. …show more content…
Habits 101 can also be known as being proactive. Proactive people are the kind of people who receive an assignment and work to get it done as soon as they can. Before working on the assignment, they make plans on how to spend time accordingly. Many people who fall into habits 101 are very organized, making studying look effortless. A lot of times when people look at the notes that procrastinators have taken, they’ve noticed that they tend to be well written. Proactive people prefer to read information from their book and notes, multiple times before an exam. These kinds of people prefer to study in complete silence or with soft music in the background. They need to keep a consistent study method or they may not retain information to their top potential. Many individuals look at people in habits 101 and call them book nerds. By the time a test comes about these people are so prepared that they don’t need to cram right before like everyone …show more content…
These kind of people are one of two types of people. They are either smart and don’t study since they already know everything or they are too ignorant that they don’t care to try. These people are the people who don’t usually get their homework done. They would rather spend their time doing anything, but school work. Some people can pass without studying or doing their homework, but majority of them struggle to make it through school with passing grades. Many of the people from this category tend to fail classes because, they don’t study or do their homework. Some of these people do actually care about their grades, but they know that they aren’t smart enough to know the material so they give up. In conclusion, studying 104 is basically for the lowest of the low kind of people. Studying is essential for almost everyone and can be done in many ways. People need to find out what study method works best for them, so they receive the best results possible. If someone finds themselves in a rut and does not know what to do, they can always pick one of the four studying methods talked about above. If they seem to think that they fall in the middle of two of the categories they can always strive for the better one. In conclusion pick the study method that works best for

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