Memory: Improving Study Skills

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Memory is something that we all use in our daily lives. The way it helps us is by giving us the information that we need in which was received and stored in. The way that I can use specific memory to improve my study skills is by planning ahead of time, use known information that is relatable, and organize a concept. And those strategies will help me to improve the way that I encode, store, and retrieve information that I have stored in memory. Initially, as a college student I at times struggle to remember things on time or even remember materials that I just finished learned. I believe the reason being is caused by improper information storing. One way that I can change my study skills is by planning ahead of time. Planning ahead of time …show more content…
The way that this will help me improve my kills is by allowing me to pull information that I already have and tie it to the information that I have learned. For example, if I am studying Spanish and I need to remember the Spanish words. I would have to use English words that are similar and that will give me a clue to remember whenever I need to retrieve the information learned. It will improve the way that I encode, store and retrieve by taking the information that I have already learned and relate it to the new information that needs to be learned. And the way that I can store it is by tying it to what I know and the similarities that both information may have in common. Based off information from the textbook, its states that we need to single task instead of multi-tasking to improve our memory. The reason being is caused by the fact that our brain needs to be focused on one thing at a time so that the information can properly be stored. Another example that can help me with studying is, using elaborative rehearsal. By doing so I will be forming a connection between the information that I already know with the new information that I have learned. After that I will also use overlearning, where I will be learning the material until I have master it. And I can do that with studying by using flashcards to help me study until I can remember the materials on my …show more content…
And studying would be very hard to do because we wouldn’t even remember what it is that we have learned. And as a student I had to learn that in order to study effectively in which provided me with the ability to retrieve what I had studied. Our memory can improved by using certain techniques that will allow us to encode, store, and retrieve information properly. And one must train their own selves for that because we all remember things differently. I have learned new things about memory via textbook and I was very impress how it can only work one thing at a time in order for it to be stored properly. Remembering things can be easy for some and while for others they are born with short term memory in which create a problem for them. Some may remember to do simple tasks while others forget as if they never did it before. I have found certain strategies throughout my textbook that will help me with improving my memory so that I can study efficiently and remember things as well. Those strategies are pretty clear on what to do. We remember things based on importance and or relation that it may have to previous information that we have already stored in our memory. I mentioned some strategies that you may find useful as well if you too is trying to improve your memory. What more can anyone ask

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