Black Males Rhetorical Analysis

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In society today black males are not succeeding because they try to portray this image of where they come from, rather than to just be smart & successful. When black males are perceived of being smart and intelligent their own race tends to categorize them as homosexual or feminine. In most cases the environment you are raised in will affect the way you act because of the people you acquaintance yourself with. Being raised in a white community will enhance your English Vernacular sounding much like a white person. As for being raised in a black ghetto community your English Vernacular doesn’t sound like white man. When black males are raised in white areas meeting someone your own race will probably strip you of your cultural because you don’t talk, or walk like them. According to Black male’s perspective …show more content…
Eventually it will become difficult because you’re trying to balance getting an education with proving that you are black, and not just a white person with a black face. I think that the author’s target audience was towards black ghetto males who try to act their own race. The problem addressed in this situation is that black males are not successful because they trying to uphold their racial identity by being ghetto, own made handshakes, or getting girls. They don’t want to be educated because deeply they feel that their racial identity is being stripped, and they don’t want to be considered a, “homosexual”. The author’s tone is very passionate because he wants black males to be educated and obtain degrees. Personally, I feel that anyone can be successful whether you speak White English Vernacular or Black English Vernacular you can still be successful if you put your mind to it. Overall the significance of this article is that if you just be yourself, making the sacrifices will determine if you will be

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