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  • Alberg-Ehernstein's The Temple

    What was the one thing that keeps Alberg-Ehernstein going? His “German will”, curiosity, and gut feeling that he had to move forward in scouting Atlantis. 2. The story is narrated as a “found manuscript” that tells the tales of the remaining days of Lieutenant- Commander Altberg-Ehernstein. “I do so because my of desire to set certain unusual facts before the public, a thing I shall not in all probability survive to accomplish in person, since the circumstances surrounding…

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  • Gen Eisenhower's Involvement In The Vietnam War

    In the short term, the fighting would cease and causalities reduced. In the long term, French support in the region was a necessity for stability and the French navy would support future Allied operations. Unfortunately, GEN Eisenhower did not achieve all his desired military objectives and several misfortunate second and third order of affects occurred. ADMR Darlan delayed negotiations and violence continued for additional days before Allied military operations forced surrenders in several…

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  • What Role Did Operation Husky Play In Ww2

    limited ability for meeting the needs of immediate tactical requirements of land forces was cumbersome and unrealistic. Allied Air Forces proved to be fiercely protective and remained unwilling to relinquish control of air assets to naval commanders despite the Allied Navy’s ability to better direct the air battle. Rather than operate “with” land and naval operations, they chose to operate “separate”, which lacked the synchronicity necessary to be operationally effective. Allied Naval Forces…

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  • Operation HUSKY

    joint functions during HUSKY. Control of aviation fires remained autonomous at the tactical level under Air Marshal Coningham instead of at the component level under Air Chief Marshal Tedder, which prohibited the effective integration of fires from the ground, air, and maritime domains. Subordinate air force commanders were reluctant to yield any control of aviation assets resulting in uncoordinated air support that did not synchronize with ground and naval maneuver throughout the campaign.…

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  • Great Seal Symbolism

    The great seal of the united states Is the great seal a powerful sea animal that rules the ocean. In this report you will know if its the truth. In this report we will be talking about the symbols of the united states, design of the great seal, and what the great seal is used for. The great seal symbolizes the united states. The symbols on the great seal The great seal is the official symbol of the united states. The great seal is shaped like a circle with an eagle holding several stuff.…

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  • Ching Shih In China

    The Qing Emperor didn’t like how much power she had, so he sent the Imperial Navy to defeat her. She won countless battles with many countries and destroyed the emperor 's navies. So instead of trying to kill her, the Emperor tried negotiating. He offered her what was probably the most generous pirate amnesty deal in history, but only if she stopped terrorizing the Southern Coast of China, she and all her men could go free without punishment, and they could keep all their stolen treasure.…

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  • Sam Houston: An Authentic American Hero

    This however does not work for a Navy and knowing he would need to find a solution he believed in developing a strong coastal defense with citizen manned forts, preventing an amphibious landing. This was the start of the volatile relationship between President Sam Houston and Commodore Moore. Moore understood the reality that sea power was both expensive and essential to the projection of power on a world stage. Additionally, he understood that for Texas to be truly a Republic it had to be able…

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  • Essay On Military Attacks

    traveled to Yemen in 2008 to study Arabic. 2. On November 5, 2009, Nidal Hassan killed 13 and wounded 32 others at Fort Hood, Texas. Hassan, who was a Muslim, carried out the attacks because he felt it was wrong of the U.S. to send troops to the Middle East and kill Muslims. 3. A civilian defense contractor, Aaron Alexis, killed 12 people at a Washington, D.C. ship yard on September 16, 2013. The act was contributed to mental illness. 4. At Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia on March 24, 2014,…

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  • Drones In The Military

    well as our soldiers lives. Many people claim that these drones are unethical, and that they indiscriminantly kill both terrorists, or the targetted criminal, and civilians alike. While it is true that drone strikes have killed civilians it is not the drones fault but rather the military personel who are either operating the drone or those who have given permissionfor the drones to fire. According to retired Commander Szydlowski of the United States Navy, “Permission to employ the weapons…

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  • Operation Husky Operation Husky Case

    effective close air support during ground force operations. In some cases, air commanders flat out refused requests for air support. Additionally, allied air forces continually failed to gain air superiority commensurate with successes achieved on the ground. The Army and Air Force were not integrated and operating in a unified manner throughout the operation. Naval and ground force integration was a much different story. Throughout the operation, there were multiple illustrations of…

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