Essay On Military Attacks

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This morning, an airman on Lackland Air Force Base (AFB) just outside San Antonio, Texas shot and killed his squadron commander, then killed himself. At this time, it is unclear on the reasons for the incident. But it once again brings up the question, should military personal be allowed to be armed at all times to protect themselves?
The active shooter incident on Lackland marks the 10th fatal shooting on a U.S. military installation in the U.S. since 2001. Of the 10, 3 have been confirmed as attacks by extreme Islamic jihadists. Some of those attacks were by military personnel themselves who converted to Islam.
The following is a list of attacks on U.S. military installations inside the U.S. since 2001, excluding the one that took place today:
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Currently, only security personnel, such as military police, are allowed to be armed at all times on a base. The only other time that non-security personnel have their weapons is when they are training in the field or on a live fire range. Other than that, they are locked up in a unit armory. Allowing them to be armed could have prevented a number of the attacks that have occurred, and they could help prevent any future attacks. The military police or security forces cannot be at everyplace all the time. One of the type of attacks that should never be allowed to happen on a U.S. military installation in the U.S. is an Islamic terrorist attack.
America and the west are at a war with extreme Islamic terrorism. The threat of terrorism is growing every day, even though our administration tells us we are defeating it. The war was not created by the United States when they invaded Iraq in 2003. Islamic terrorists desired to bring down the west, and most importantly, the U.S., long before the U.S. Iraq invasion. They made it official when they flew hijacked planes into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon on September 11,

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