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  • The Truth In The Abyss Analysis

    The Truth in the Abyss When writing they say it is always best to tell the truth. I do not know who “they” are, but “they” seem to be vaguely arrogant, entirely omnipotent and the enforcers of way too many rules. That being said, the truth does not exist. Each person’s perspective of a situation is in and of itself a unique truth. My truth of that night is different than my mother’s. I will get to those truths, but first here is the beginning. Anxiety holds my hand while 3 a.m. holds my secrets. It has been this way since before I could remember. I would obsesses over my fears to the point of becoming physically sick. Often this kept me from school with the classic “headache” explanation to my teachers and peers. Once, when I was only…

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  • Moon Shadow Short Story

    There is a boy named Moon shadow and he hasn’t seen his dad since the demons had taken him away. He has always wondered about the Golden Mountain. His grandfather was executed in the land of the Golden mountain. His mom always found a way of not telling him about it. He meets his cousin Hand Clap.Moon Shadow and Hand Clap have made it to the demon land and they rush off to find his dad. They have found him and they are going to meet all the company people like Lefty,Black dog,White Deer,and…

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  • Friedrich Nietzsche's 'Abyss'

    Friedrich Nietzsche stated that, "He who fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. When you gaze long into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you." 1. What do you think Nietzsche meant by this quote? With this quote Nietzsche meant that, it is always good to take our time to understand the world we are living at. Mostly, analyzing our destiny and coming up with a solution of what we want to be in this world. As for the stated part about monsters, I…

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  • Into The Abyss: Film Analysis

    Life is full of decisions, and one bad one will determine one’s fate. When one is raised not knowing right from wrong, he or she is bound to make a poor decision. In Werner Herzog’s film, Into the Abyss, released in 2011, two young teenagers make a horrible decision that affects the rest of their lives. Both of these boys, having been raised poorly, do not know better than to do something as atrocious as murder. When Michael Perry and Jason Burkett, the two teenage boys, see a nice car in…

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  • Bilbo Off Into The Abyss Stage

    Bilbo’s Walk Into the Abyss The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolken displays a detailed Hero’s Journey that barely falters from the exact format. The stage of Into the Abyss is where the greatest challenges are faced and for Bilbo they were small, but caused significant mental, moral, and physical changes. Bilbo’s time spent in the goblin-infested Misty Mountains demonstrated him going Into the Abyss due to the revealing of how seemingly unimportant moments can end up being the most influential and change…

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  • 'Into The Abyss' By Werner Herzog: Documentary Analysis

    “Into the Abyss” by Werner Herzog is the document I chose to watch. This document had a total of six sections. In each section, Werner Herzog directed the crime that was committed, people involved, the affects and after math of the crime. The first section is labeled “The Crime.” Werner Herzog begins the documentary by showing a man named Michael James Perry who was on death row in Livingston, Texas for crimes he and a friend of his, Jason Burkett, committed ten years ago. The crimes he received…

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  • Folk Tales In Hispanic Folktales

    The Southwestern tales, which are also known as Hispanic folktales, were first told around the early nineteenth century and are still told today. Presently, the folktales are used to instill moral lessons and the meanings of religions to people of different ages, especially young children. Jose Griego y Maestas collected and presented the tales “Los tres hermanos (The Three Brothers)” and “La comadre Sebastiana (Dona Sebastiana)” in Tales from the Hispanic Southwest. The tale of “Los tres…

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  • The Abyss Gazes Into You Analysis

    Growing up in the countryside of a small town in Indiana, the outdoors became my home. I could be found roaming, exploring and imaging adventure in the grassy fields, the rolling hills and bewitched woods. Starting from dawn to dusk I was outside. Summer consisted of enchanted forests, while the winters transformed into wonderlands. The outdoors was somewhat of a storybook to me. It held my imagination and dreams. To me nature has not become a symbol of my childhood, but also a place of comfort.…

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  • Abuse Of Social Classes In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

    In Canterbury Tales, pilgrims were making pilgrimages to visit the shrine of Thomas Becket. This pilgrimage started in a place called Southwart. The narrator of this story is Geoffrey Chaucer, who was born into the middle class and considered to be the greatest English poet of his lifetime. He spoke many languages including French and Italian. Chaucer was part of the government, so money was not an issue for him. Society had three levels at this time: clergy, nobles, and traders or general labor…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To The Abyss Of Poverty

    Of course, I saw people who lacked the motivation to make their lives better. However, I also watched numerous people attempt to climb and claw their way out of the never-ending abyss of poverty; usually they fell further than they climbed. On a select few occasions, poverty-stricken citizens of this city have reached the top of the abyss and left their life of struggle behind. Witnessing these scenarios affect families in my hometown as I grew up prompted me to dream of ascending from poverty…

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