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  • Cartesian Hydrodynamics

    force-free”9 magnetic fields in Cartesian geometry. Therein, force-free refers to a magnetic field for which the associated current density is exactly parallel, which is the definition we shall also use ∇×B=μ0j, j×B=0.These works consider one-dimensional (1D) collisionless current sheets, with Refs. 1–8 specifically calculating…

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  • Mathematical Focus: 3-D Objects

    around them in both natural and man-made, to ensure they can engage, understand and apply knowledge of geometry. By exposing shapes to young children, they can begin to know and understand the different and common attributes of particular shapes. Through the exposure of technological devices such as iPads and computers, children start to develop understandings of two-dimensional space (BOBIS 121). Geometry and spatial sense are provide the opportunity…

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  • The Four Stages Of Pancreatic Cancer

    Pancreatic cancer is the fourth most deadly cancer for men and women in the United States [1]. A major cause of the poor prognosis is the difficulty of detection prior to advanced stages of the disease. Pancreatic cancer is diagnosed into one of four stages based on the location of the tumor and how much it has spread. Often the first symptoms a patient feels are pain and discomfort due to an enlarged tumor. Additional symptoms may include weight loss or jaundice depending on the location of the…

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  • On Folded Wings (Origami)

    to thank for this art? The Japanese, of course, but without geometry, the art of making art out of nothing wouldn’t exist. Origami is based off numerous mathematical principles, including linear algebra, trigonometry, and geometry. Certain origami folds and operations are impossible to perform without a compass and straightedge, and concentric circles are frequently used on curved origami models. Therefore, a basic knowledge of geometry is needed for making origami and more advanced knowledge…

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  • FE Analysis: FEA Analysis Of Clamp Cylinder

    COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN model of the clamp cylinder configuration was prepared and analyzed the same using CAE Software package ANSYS. The same was meshed using SOLID 187 element. As the element is a tetrahedron element, it can map the intricate solid geometry reasonably with good accuracy. The displacement and force boundary conditions are applied and stress and displacement fields gained using FEA software. The constraints and loading conditions for clamp cylinder are shown in Fig. 4. The…

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  • Stent Case Study

    Implantation of a stent within a coronary artery alters the local hemodynamics modifying the shear stress upon the endothelium. 14 Low endothelial shear stress causes a phenotypic change in which can induce a phenotypic switch in the smooth muscle cells from contractile to secretory as well as increase migration into the intima and proliferation. 15 Overall, regular or high endothelial shear stress maintains the contractile phenotype of the smooth muscle cells therefore inhibiting neointimal…

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  • Meno's Theory Of Education Analysis

    If he acquired it, he cannot have done so in his present life. Or has someone taught him geometry?” (85e) Meno was under the impression that this boy had been born with this knowledge, but Socrates teaches him that he had come to learn geometry through another person. At first Meno suggest that since we live many lives our knowledge must be carried on from life to life but that is not the case. Socrates insists that…

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  • The Slave Boy In Meno

    of his claim that learning is nothing more than recollecting what we already know, so Socrates responds by calling over a slave boy and, after establishing that the boy has never received any mathematical training of any kind, Socrates sets him a geometry problem, in which the boy is asked to double the area of a square. The boy tries numerous ways to solve the problem, at first answering that in order to solve the problem you should double the lengths of the sides, then when discovering that…

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  • Face Recognition Biometrics

    The data size of hand geometry is huge, and data storage capacity for most organizations will probably need to be increased. Although this system is easy to use and less expensive than the others, there are some limitations. However, it is easy to collect this data. Again, this method is easy to use and is less expensive. The data collection for this method is easy and factors such as whether or not a person has arthritis or clean hands is not an issue. Hand Geometry Biometrics is also…

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  • College Before America Analysis

    Republic, written in 360 B.C., promoted education, specifically in mathematics: arithmetic, plane geometry, and solid geometry. According to Plato, all of the learning would be used to enhance political training to prepare philosopher kings for ruling a city (Coumoundouros). Plato’s teachings were followed by Roman educator Quintilian, who in fact recommended a broad literacy education: music, astronomy, geometry, and philosophy. These new teachings were later seen in the Renaissance period…

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