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  • Mike Krzyzewski's Volleyball Team

    underhand. A forearm pass is when the player hits the ball with both of their forearms. To succeed in this skill a player needs to put their hands together and hit the ball between their forearms. A set is when a player uses both of their hands to push the ball up. To do this skill a players makes a hypothetically “window” with their hands and push the ball up towards the sky. A spike is basically an overhand serve when the ball is in play. The common sequence for volleyball is forearm pass,…

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  • Essay On Cattle Fracture

    A Colles fracture is a type of broken wrist. It means your radius bone is broken or cracked. The radius is the bone of your forearm on your thumb’s side. The forearm is the part of your arm between the elbow and your wrist. Your forearm is made up of two bones called the radius and the ulna. Often when the radius is broken, the ulna may also be broken. A cast or splint is used to protect and keep your injured bone from moving as it heals. CAUSES • A direct blow to the wrist. • Falling on…

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  • Baseball Swing Movement Analysis

    The movement that was chosen for the movement analysis paper is baseball swing movement from the initial setup to the follow through after contact with the ball. There will be Four phases that tie in the entire movement analysis. Those 4 phases include the loading phase, timing phase, the launching phase, and the follow through after the swing (Van Such, 2016). Each batter has their own unique stance based on how they plant their feet and hold the bat. However, regardless of their batting…

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  • Officer Sprague Case Summary

    INTRODUCTION: This is an add report to Officer Sprague’s #8091 original report under case #17012108. INJURIES: Victim Cindy Jordan sustained two approximately 4-5 inch scratch marks to her right forearm and one bruise to her inner right forearm. I asked Jordan if she needed any medical attention and she said, “No.” ID Tech Herrera #3599 responded to 1947 N. Marengo Ave. and took a series of digital photographs of Jordan’s injuries. Refer to ID Tech Herrera’s supplemental report for further…

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  • Summary: Effects Of Exercise On The Heart

    was placed on the inside of the right wrist, another on the inside of the upper right forearm, and the third tab on the inside of the upper left forearm. Then the EKG clips were attached to the tabs: the green clip to the right forearm, the black clip to the right wrist, and the red clip to the left forearm. Once the clips were in place, the participants sat in a relaxed position in a chair with their forearms resting on their legs, palm side up. Immediately afterwards, the data was collected…

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  • Skateboarding Injury Essay

    Skating injuries have increased with the rise in popularity of the sport and the injury pattern can be expected to have changed with the development of both skateboard tricks and the materials used for skateboarding construction (Skateboarding injuries of today, 2001; L Forsman, A Eriksson) Longboard and skateboard injuries by Glenn keays and Alex Dumas (2014) compare the types and causes of longboarding related injuries to those associated with skateboarding. In this…

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  • Essay On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    carpal tunnel. Compression or swelling of median nerve happens when the cover of the tendon gets inflamed or fibrosis block the passage through the carpal tunnel. Often cause by repetitive movement leading to numbness and tingling of fingers and forearm, wrist pain, weak grip and Tinel’s signs. Most often at night is when the symptoms increase. The three nursing diagnosis will be Chronic/ Acute pain related to pressure on median nerve as evidence by patient report 9 out of 10 pain. Impaired…

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  • Case Study: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    results from pressure on the median nerve, where it passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist and hand from the forearm, and is the most common type of repetitive motion injuries (Thornton). The symptoms of CTS manifest in many ways including tingling, numbness, a burning sensation and pain in the hand, wrist, and forearm, as well as a buzzing or electric-shock feeling when the forearm muscles are relaxed (Atkinson). Additional symptoms may include weakness or clumsiness of the hand, faulty…

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  • Self Harm Research Paper

    this as my first phase of self harm, which ended after my mom caught me and threatened to send me to a mental hospital; the second phase happened after I broke up with my first serious girlfriend. I cut myself ten times that night on my lower left forearm. That night was the first night I ever seriously contemplated suicide. My home life was falling apart, with my parents divorcing, and my social was non-existent. As I laid there in bed coming down from that high -- I almost did it. I woke up…

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  • Artemisia Gentileschi: Baroque Artist

    Artemisia Gentileschi was probably one of the greatest artists of the Baroque period, especially in Italy. She may be one of the first women during this time period to produce great works of art. However, her work is quite often compared to her father Orzaio, and therefore sometimes she is overlooked. As a historian, Mary Garrard is attempting to show that even though she was a victim of rape and was involved in a notorious trial, Artemisia grew as a painter and flourished on her own. Her “works…

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