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  • Art And Fine Art Analysis

    than art, giving the art topic little to no money. Art and fine arts have started to become less of a value to some people. After analyzing different sources about STEM, funding in schools, and how a passion can lead someone into what they truly want to do, one can see that the fine arts are still relevant in American society today.…

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  • Analysis Of Visual Pleasure And Narrative Cinema By Mark Ryden

    Painting is one of the forms of self-expression. Artists often use this media to show their opinion on social and cultural issues. In all Mark Ryden`s work there is a hint at something dark beneath the surface of mass culture. He creates dark paintings in which he combines images of cute children, cultural symbols and incomprehensible and alarming images. Ryden chooses themes that carry cultural connotations. He is interested in what different people and cultures consider sacred. His paintings…

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  • World Ant Farm Symbolism

    Rich use of symbolism is an essential component in many conceptual artworks, facilitating the audience’s connection with the artist’s intent. In some works, artist incorporate juxtaposition symbols to create visual statements about their culture in order to educate or inform their audience of their perspectives in their culture, enabling conceptual connections with and meaning made from the work. Yukinori Yanagi and Brendan Tang, artist from vastly diverse cultures, both employ the visual…

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  • Sofonisba Anguissola Analysis

    1) Discuss the gaze represented by these two paintings. Whose gaze is privileged? How does the imagery tell us that? What is significant about the gaze portrayed or suggested by these two paintings? Patricia Simons explained that women were the object of the male gaze. Women were portrayed to show off and express their virtue to men and display that they are worthy of marriage. In the painting of Bernardino Campi Painting Sofonisba Anguissola by Anguissola, the gaze of the male is dominating…

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  • Drawing Influence In Art

    Drawing inspiration/influence is a particularly tricky situation, because as artists we feel this overarching desire—nay, need—to leave a permanent and unique stain on the world. If that stain resembles too closely one that came before it, then where is the ingenuity in that? This being the case, it is impossible to make anything of merit without being at least subconsciously influenced. Only upon realizing this fact and embracing it is an artist able to fully and successfully utilize the arts…

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  • A Fine Balance By Robinson Mistry

    Robinson Mistry’s novel, A Fine Balance, focuses on India’s political and social situation during the Emergency Period: a period of oppression, violence, tyranny and corruption. In other words, Mistry deals with the human experience in his novel. In this novel the social and the political are intertwined. The author has been able to show this in his novel through the characters’ different experiences presented to the reader. Their fate and their life are profoundly bound to the political…

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  • The Importance Of Art Programs In Public Schools

    The recent trend of cutting funding to art programs in public schools who are financially strained has sparked and interest in the impact of art programs on the wellbeing of students. This has led to a debate centered around whether or not fine arts education are beneficial enough to the students and staff to continue fighting for funding. Opposers argue that the money could be used in academics and that the arts provide no real life skills that are applicable after graduation. With more and…

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  • Symbolism In Art

    Art is about creative expression, it serves as an outlet for emotions and opinions. In present society, art plays a crucial role in culture and helps exemplify present-day issues while also allowing us to connect with the past. Artists present society with a plethora of viewpoints and subjects to think about and every artist has a different style. Art can be a variety of things from sculpture to painting to photography, but at what extent does art become offensive? One of the most controversial…

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  • Reflective Essay For Museum Education

    photographers and their subjects allowed me to contribute more broadly to the museum. Although my internship is complete, I am still inspired by the museum’s mission to promote awareness and discussion of African American history through the use of fine art, music, film, and other…

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  • Theme Of Beauty And Morality In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    The following paper will discuss matters of beauty and morality. Different meanings of beauty exist in present society, however the term is most popularly associated with physical characteristics. Physical characteristics include both aspects of behaviour and form and are deemed beautiful when perceived as appealing by others. Morality is the ability for individuals to think rationally and decipher between what is right and wrong. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Shelley wrestles with themes of…

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