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  • The Father's Curse And The Punished Son Analysis

    through our lives since the creation of man. Art is a way of expression which humans tend to communicate their ideas, emotions, or in general world views. There’s many types of art that exist in the world but one of the biggest and most famous is the fine arts. A perfect example is the famous painting “The Father’s Curse and The Punished Son” which is one of the greatest masterpieces created by the French painter Jean Baptiste. The artist generally painted portraits, genre scenes, and history…

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  • Nike's Fine Pointe Shoes

    we have not yet come up with a product that will improve a Ballet dancer 's career. This realization has inspired Nike to come up with a new improved Pointe shoe that will dramatically improve a dancer’s performance and experience. Nike introduces Fine Pointe, the product that will pointe you in the right direction. This product not only reaches dancers and all…

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  • Essay On Fine Arts In Schools

    schools are targeting one certain subject more than they should. The fine arts are all too often cut from school programs because of the rather large cost. I’ll say it upfront, the fine arts have made a huge impact on my life. I have taken part in many different areas of the arts so heavily that you would expect a biased opinion. However, I am only one of the many students that have received the benefits of the fine arts. Now the fine arts are not exactly the cheapest program for a school to…

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  • Fashion And Culture Analysis

    Every May the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City holds a fund raiser called the Met Gala, hosted by fashion editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour. At this event, the Met’s Costume Institute creates an exhibition of groundbreaking fashion and invites the biggest name in fashion and art. Since 2010, this spectacle has become one of the most publicized events in the industry, but still, the organizers struggle with the perceived legitimacy of fashion design in the world of art. The Costume…

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  • John Dewey Allegory Of The Cave Analysis

    When observing an object, there is an uncanny feeling that is a result of the emotional response human beings obtain. This unique feeling is what makes art so special. The ability to provide escapism in a world of chaos is an asset provided from art. Art is life and vice versa. Therefor, art must be given more emphasis in curricula. Due to its absence in the modern education system, society has grown to become more adapt at looking at art for the wrong reasons. Commercialized art has become the…

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  • Nasreen Mohamedi Influences

    Nasreen Mohamedi lived a cosmopolitan life that brought inspiration to her work from many different places and cultures. Mohamedi was born in 1937 in Karachi, India, an area that would later become Pakistan. In the mid-forties the artist lived in Mumbai, before spending relocating to London and attending St. Martin 's School of the Arts, in London in the late fifties. The artist lived for a short time with her family in Bahrain, a small island country off the western shores of the Persian gulf.…

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  • Fine Arts Social Benefits

    remember the masses of hulking men attempting to retrieve the airborne ball at record speeds, yet we cease to recall the long and detailed strokes of a fine haired paintbrush remaining untouched. We turn our cheeks from the smooth syrupy voices that beckon us to join. As we disregard these artistic faculties so does the district. The lack of funding in the fine arts has greatly affected the cognitive skills that alumni posses, causing them to lose abilities on a creative and abstract level.…

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  • Fine Motor Control Study

    off of thirtyfour participants age ranging from twelve to thirty-six months. In this study a measure of fine motor skills were used to tap motor planning and fine motor control for the children ranging in age from 12-18 months they also used a measure of vocabulary for the children at 36 months. Along with using both of those during this study they used standardized observational measures of fine motor and language skills as a “complementary source of information”. (LeBarton, E., 2013). The…

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  • Fine-Tuning Argument Analysis

    The fine-tuning argument for God’s existence is a version of the teleological argument. This argument states that there is a need of an explanation for why the universe is the way it is. The argument claims that the way the universe is confirms the theory that there is an intelligent creator/being otherwise known as God. The reason so is because that intelligent creator/being created the universe with purpose of their being life and that life being supported. This then brings up the question…

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  • Art Definition Essay

    The definition of art has long been sought after throughout history. Merriam- Webster claims it is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”. However, many scholars believe that art is exceptionally hard to define and put in a box. It is more important to look the history of art and be able to understand it rather than knowing an elaborate definition. In other words, it is a social practice. For example, Dr. Mills…

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