Female genital cutting

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  • Female Desire In Eliza Wharton's The Coquette And The Awakening

    The Coquette and The Awakening show female desire to break the constraints placed on women in the 19th century. In The Coquette, Eliza Wharton is presented with two choices, one man or the other. The option never exists for her to simply not be with a man, to not conform to the societal expectation of women. The Awakening presents Edna Pontellier, a wife and a mother, transforming from the ideal picture of woman to pursuing her own desires. Women’s desire is not only shown from the plot, the…

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  • The Importance Of Relationship Rights In Pakistan

    As a woman who had lived in Pakistan for eight years of her life Amna notices that the woman 's right is a big issue in Pakistan, she has also noticed that there don’t get any right in Pakistan. Amna notice that male treat their wives, daughters and sisters like a dog for example, one of Amna’s friend 's mother was very sick and tried one morning she woke up and she saw that her husband was going to work before going to work he told his wife that some of his friends will come for dinner tonight…

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  • Glass Escalators Essay

    More and more men are entering female-dominate professions like nursing, teaching, and social work, trying to balance life with financial stability, job security, family time, and personal life. This is good news for men’s health, family life, and self-preservation, but where does it leave women? In a world full of glass escalators women are watching male counter parts surpass them in job positions and salaries, even in female dominate fields. The glass escalator creates negativity in the…

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  • Battle Between Male And Women In Antigone By Sophocles

    In Sophocles’ play Antigone, there is a constant battle between males and females in society. Sophocles’ use of character analogy and context of the play help the reader understand the breach between males and females. The setting of this literary work was believed to written during 441 B.C. in Athens, Greece when it was believed that men had social superiority over women. Antigone, the protagonist, played a strong, independent woman who Creon, the new king of Thebes and antagonist, had trouble…

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  • Symbolism Of Foot Binning

    When I hear the word foot binding, the first thing I think of is pain and bondage. Foot binding is the act or practice of tightly binding the feet of infant girls to keep their feet as small as possible. Foot binding began in the Shang Dynasty about 1500-1000 B.C. This custom became popular during the Ming Ch’ing eras after 1368. The process of foot binding began at the age of five. Mothers were breaking their daughter’s feet in order for them to marry a good husband. According to the principles…

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  • Examples Of Critical Incident In Social Work

    A critical incident is an expected occurrence in group work, though not all incidents will carry the same degree of seriousness nor will they be unambiguous in nature. The reality of differences among even those with common backgrounds or presenting problems would allude to the fact that it is more likely then not that a critical incident will occur within a group setting. Though often conflict itself is perceived as negative, it can, if apprioately addressed, be a positive turning point in a…

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  • Spatial Separtion In Alice Munro's Boys And Girls

    unfinished bedroom, the foxes, the calendars as well as their placement and the horses, along with the narrators slow seperation from the male world, Munro 's story is one that attempts to illuminate the cultually built distinction between male and female. Before we are told the gender of the narrator, she is introduced by speaking of her fathers fox skinning business admiringly, and she even suggests that the smell of the dead fox is “reassuringly seasonal”, which is to say, it is a…

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  • Beauty Susan Sontag Analysis

    “You are so beautiful.” This is a phrase every woman has heard. Every female wants to be called beautiful because that it is what society is telling females to want. It is specifically advertisements that push these thoughts on the feminine gender; it is even to the point where females are the primarily targets for advertisements. According to advertisements, females have to have a certain body type, put on makeup, and wear certain type of clothing in order to be considered beautiful. This has…

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  • Portrayal Analysis Of Calvin Klein's Hierarchy Of Needs

    The photo itself shows that the two females may have dominance over the male, which is a role shift in comparison to other advertisements. Males in history have been portrayed to be the dominant sex in society, especially in relationships. So to shift the gender roles shows that women are able to have more power in terms of relationships and what they want from them. The position of the females on top of the men are a sign of empowerment, and that females are now more in control of their own…

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  • Reflection Of A Sexual Interview With A Male

    For my human sexuality class, I was to conduct a sexual interview with an individual focusing on sexuality. We were to ask questions focusing on the individual’s attitudes and feelings towards sexuality and any misconceptions they may have held about sexuality. This activity also allowed the interviewer to become aware of their own feelings and attitudes about sexuality during the interview. I intentionally wanted to conduct this interview with a male, because asking questions around sexuality…

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