The Three Stages Of Sigmund Freud And Lady Gaga's Theory

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Sigmund Freud was a very distinct scientist not just for his time, but ours as well. Freud was fascinated by the development of human personalities. His theories were very over the top, having to do with very sexual thoughts, such as the idea of females having “penis envy.” Regardless of how ridiculous his theories may have seemed, psychologists today still study his works, and some believe them to be true.
Freud’s main theories consist of the “Psychosexual Model,” and the “Psychodynamic Model.” The Psychosexual Model is the idea that our growth and development is influenced by erogenous zones and our body as a source of pleasure. The Psychodynamic Model states that instinct and anxiety are the main force behind our actions. A famous figure
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Although the first three stages cannot exactly be proven, since Lady Gaga did not reveal such relevant information, we can infer that certain stages were experienced certain ways by her actions today. During infancy, babies undergo the oral stage, where the mouth is a pleasure center for development. Gaga must have had her oral needs met, (suckling, and breast feeding), because she does not experience thumb sucking or nail biting today. During the anal stage (two to three years old), toddlers are “potty-trained.” This is the stage where children may develop anal retentiveness. Lady Gaga seems to only show signs of anal retentiveness in the way she does her job. During the phallic stage (four to five years old), children discover their genitals and begins to obsess with their parent of the opposite sex (son to mother, daughter to father). Unfortunately there is no evidence that Gaga has retained parts of this stage through her development. She speaks of both of her parents in the same manor, and does not seem to obsess with one over the other. During latency, (five to puberty), Freud claims that “nothing happens.” Finally, in the genital stage, (puberty), sexual impulses reemerge, and unfixed pathologies become permanent. Gaga’s experience with this stage has to do with her anal retentiveness. It is a personality trait that has stuck with her through her growth as a …show more content…
Out of the personality types, oral (narcissistic), anal (controller), and phallic (macho), Lady Gaga definitely exhibits most signs of the latter stage. Gaga is a very generous and caring being. She does not focus on herself when issues do not pertain to her. She is also a very controlling person, but in a forced type of way due to her profession; but she is very genuinely demanding of others when it pertains to her creations. That being said, Gaga’s phallic personality shines in the music she makes. She is very sexual and her image is very sexually provocative. In addition, she is extremely confident in her works; she only strives for success, and competes against other artists for record sales, views, stream plays, etc. Her entire career exemplifies what it means to have a phallic

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