Female genital cutting

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  • Rhetorical Analysis On Like A Girl

    an insult in today’s society. #LikeAGirl shows several girls and some boys being questioned about the phrase “like a girl”. #LikeAGirl clearly shows how a girl’s self-esteem diminishes as she hits puberty and is subjected to society’s views on the female gender and how wrong that is. In the beginning of the commercial, older girls and a few boys are asked to demonstrate what “running like a girl” looks like. All of the participants pretend to run in a very ‘girly’, weak way. The commercial…

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  • Observation Of Gender In Public Relations Class

    students. I decided to see how my own education is gendered and I chose two classes to observe how gender can be used in my own education. The two classes that I chose were Public Relations and Conflict Management in communication. One Professor is female and the other is male so it would be a good idea to get both perspectives on how they each teach. The makeup of the classes was both fairly similar. There were class lectures that you have to attend and also readings you must read in order to…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sexist Language

    day and that I have experienced. People use phrases such as “how are you guys?” or using “he” to refer to a group of people, both male and female. These phrases are used in many people languages and I even had fallen victim to using these phrases. Referring to a group of people both male and female, is considered sexist language because it ignores the females in the group. The article “Why sexist language matter?” by Sherryl Kleinman talks about the male generic terms and phrases and how they…

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  • Antebellum Gender Equality

    gender equality are ideas that are being recognized and carried out by both women and men. During the shaping of America, those subjects would not have been discussed. However, the Women’s Rights Movement in Antebellum America changed the course for females in society. It allowed women to start the crusade for gender equality until the Civil War. The Civil War was a catalyst for women in American society as they developed a new sense of freedom from the new opportunities given to them. Prior…

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  • 1950 Gender Roles

    1 Gender roles are expectations for both men and women on how, men and women are supposed to act in a culture. These expectations are created by the culture, where the person lives. In the United States, men, are typically seen as more masculine. While women, are seen as more feminine. Males are typically more interested in; cars, sports and guns. On the other side of the coin, women, are more interested in; shopping, cooking and cleaning. These are just some general characteristics for both…

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  • Anthropology Definition Of Personhood

    Anthropology is one of, if not the most diverse and versatile disciplines of study. There is no academic domain which is broader in area of study than anthropology, a fact which I have only recently learned. On the first day of class I had preconceived notions about anthropology, I believed it was simply the study of cultures from a subjective manner, a very cut and dry study which would not take much elaborate thought. As classes progressed, particularly once we had moved onto the study of sex,…

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  • Feminism In America

    that were unavailable in their own country. Men who leave their families hoping to start a new life, or perhaps a woman bringing her children to avoid the incessant oppression and dehumanization that she and her daughter endure everyday for being female. But how soul wrenching to put your own life in danger to travel to a foreign land where nothing is promised. They enter the United States to find America is equality deficient. Women in America live in the shadow of their male counterparts both…

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  • Why Do Women Violate Social Norms

    Halloween is a time where people can legally and normatively violate social norms, that are typically most rigid for women, based on how they should act, think, and appear, in order to maintain skewed power dynamics that makes them inferior, and thus, controlled by men and their own selfish objectives. While there are indeed gendered expectations about how men and women should dress even on a day like Halloween, that although defies social norms, fails to defy gender norms, it is problematic to…

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  • Memoirs Of A Woman Travel Alone Analysis

    In the book “Nothing to Declare; Memoirs of a Woman Traveling Alone” by Mary Morris mention “travel shaped by a traveler’s gender” as a man vs as a female alone. On Page 10 explained it was not easy for the woman to travel alone. “If you are attacked while walking down this road, you have no place to go. For the first time, I walked that quarter mile at night alone. Every shadow, every sound, made me turn. I behaved like a hunted thing. It is not easy to move through the world alone,…

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  • Women's Football: A Gender Analysis

    As today marks the annual Super Bowl, it also marks the day when companies pay millions of dollars for thirty seconds to sell their product. What marketing strategy do many employ? The objectification of women. Scantily clad women are used to attract business and revenue. This objectification comes at a cost and society has become immune to it. Sexism is defined as the “discrimination or devaluation based on a person 's sex or gender, as in restricted job opportunities, especially such…

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