Female genital cutting

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  • Female Characters In Video Games Essay

    the popularity people are noticing how few of games portray a leading female role. Even if a female character has a leading role, almost all of the females are portrayed with fantasy body types to draw in a crowd. These women characters deserve to have a chance to entertain gamers just like any other male character, but it doesn’t have to be where their body is drastically overhauled to look fake. These things degrade females not only in the game, but it can have an affect on what happens…

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  • Mary Wollstonecraft: Chapter 5 Analysis

    Writers Who Have Rendered Women Objects of Pity, Bordering on Contempt of Mary Wollstonecraft’s A vindication of the Rights of Woman. Chapter 5 is Wollstonecraft’s analysis and arguments against the opinions of Enlightenment philosophers surrounding the female character and education. Chapter 5 will explore the opinions of Jean- Jacques Rousseau, Dr Fordyce, Dr Gregory, and Baroness de Staël. This paragraph will set out to analyse the arguments made by Jean- Jacques Rousseau alongside Mary…

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  • The Handmaid's Tale Feminist Analysis

    The Handmaid’s Tale-a novel written by Margaret Atwood focusing on the dystopian society of Gilead in the near future, where freedom takes on a new meaning. While many feminists and non-feminists alike have branded it a feminist novel, Atwood herself has condemned this, and whenever asked the question she seems to always respond by replying that there are different types of feminism, as if to distance herself from the connotation of the word (Newman, Stephanie). She emphasizes that men and women…

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  • Dude You Re A Fag Analysis

    In the article “Dude, You’re a Fag”, Pascoe claims that the term “fag” is a method to control amass of the population and genderize behavior. To introduce, the term “fag” is typically used in scenarios where an individual’s behavior isn’t sufficiently masculine. Moreover, the term is extremely fluid and can be used in various situations as well, as it always has a negative connotation to the term. For this purpose, when the term is applied to someone, it has a continuous connection with power…

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  • Glass Ceiling In Jonathan Demme's Silence Of The Lambs

    assigned to a case involving a transexual murderer (Buffalo Bill) who skins his female victims in order to make a bodysuit with female features. To solve the case, Starling must work with criminal/psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter to reveal information behind Bill’s motives and his possible whereabouts. Because Clarice is able to kill Buffalo Bill in the final scenes of the film and earn herself the title of “FBI Agent”, female viewers praise the film for Starling’s ability to further her…

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  • Setting In Othello

    Setting is often a key component as characters are usually influenced or defined by their surroundings. This is also a highly common theme in Othello, where the women are said to commit unspeakable sins in Venice only God could bear witness to, which is a society associated with sexual exploration and freedom. This implies that, in Othello, setting poses great influence on character behaviour. This piques my interest in whether setting poses impact on characters, no matter the time or media of…

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  • Female Giraffes Essay

    Giraffe Herds Female giraffes associate in groups of a dozen or so members, occasionally including a few younger males. Male giraffes tend to live in bachelor herds, with older males often leading solitary lives. A individual giraffe can join or leave the herd at any time and for no particular reason. Because giraffes are so widely scattered, it may seem that they do not keep in contact with each other, however, this is not true. A giraffes keen eyesight means they can keep an eye on their…

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  • Jennifer Siebel Newson's Miss Representation

    Noone can deny the impact of media on people’s perception, especially on the young generation. However, it does not always help people to be emotionally healthy and fulfilled. In The documentary film, Miss Representation, Jennifer Siebel Newsom examines how media have contributed to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power. Newson effectively convinces the audiences of the 2011 Miss Representation documentary that the media’s limited and often disparaging portrayals of women is the…

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  • Essay On Ngambika And Things Fall Apart

    Commitment of African Female Writers. Ngambika is a word that captures the totality of the African woman’s feminist thought or need. This phrase is used in Carole Boyce-Davies’ coedited work Ngambika: Studies of Women in African Literature (1986). African feminist discourses are made largely possible through female authored literatures by African women. Closely tied to stiwanism is the commitment of the African female writer (it has been said that the commitment of the African female writer…

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  • Victorian Mythology Of Gender In Browning's Aurora Leigh

    Aurora was taught by her aunt all the common female skills as she grew up, but she was also educated in real subjects too. “I learnt a little algebra, a little / Of the mathematics,–brushed with extreme flounce / The circle of the sciences, because / She misliked women who are frivolous” (403-406)…

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