Mme Loisel In The Necklace

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Mme Loisel is a character from the short story ‘The Necklace’. In the story she is described in many different ways, she can be charming but can also be an envious person. She can also be a greedy and eager woman that likes to look rich. The story is set in ‘La Belle époque’ - French for ‘The Beautiful Era’. ‘La Belle époque’ was in contrast with WW1 which followed on from then . It was a period of time characterised by economy and regional peace especially in Paris. Until WW1 came along. ‘La Belle époque’ was named, in retrospect, a ‘Golden Age’ and overlapped with the ‘Victorian Era’.

Mostly towards the beginning of the story, Mme Loisel is more of a commanding and selfish person. When Mme Loisel and her husband are discussing, Mme Loisel tries to give an amount of money and says “I can’t say precisely but I daresay I could get by with 400 Francs.” Keeping in mind that her husband was saving just that amount of money for something of his own, he still hands her the money nevertheless. Mme Loisel just wants the money to get a beautiful dress that she, most probably, will only wear once to the evening they were invited to.The words “get by” really show that she thinks it is an easy sum
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She likes to look good and hates to be embarrassed, just like a lot of people. A big factor in the story is also the evidence that they live in a wealthy period of time where people had a lot of money. Everyone looked good with expensive items at their disposition, and that is what makes Mme Loisel a little bit jealous in my opinion. I think that Guy de Maupassant is trying to send a message and that the moral of the story is that you have to tell the truth. No matter what you do wrong or right, always tell the truth. Otherwise, things like in “The Necklace” will

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