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  • Ethical Issues In Fashion Industry

    I INTRODUCTION Ethical fashion is an important trend today. It is strongly associated with creativity, expertise, social and environmental responsibility. Fashion industry no longer live in their own ivory tower. This method has been modified by designing materials from nature, changing the manufacturing process, recycle goods that are not wasted and provide employment opportunities for the community. see people's contradictory fashion. Terms of style and fashion is only attached to the rich.…

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  • Sustainable Fashion: The Emergence Of Sustainable Development

    Emergence of Sustainable Fashion Sustainable fashion is a concept that has emerged in the recent past because of increased focus on sustainable development. Despite differences in the definitions of sustainable development, it is a concept that constantly leads people to change priorities and goals because it is an open process that is difficult to achieve definitively. Nonetheless, sustainable development is the development and growth mechanism that allows people to meet their needs without…

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  • Fashion During Ww2 Essay

    Once the United States of America got involved in World War, the fashion changed its purpose and reasoning on clothes. Factories and clothing material should not be used for military purposes. Fashion is not meant to be in the World War II and neither should factories where the clothes were made from. It was affected horribly due to forces. Fashion had a big impact during World War II from factories to designers. When World War II began that was the decline of making clothing. The…

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  • Reflective Essay About Fashion

    change.”, nothing exemplifies fashion more than this statement. As a person that is constantly demanding herself to grow and change, fashion is the one thing that can keep up with me. It is the only constant in my life that I have a stable relationship with, due to its shape-shifting nature which resembles mine. A part of change for me was always aspiring to be bigger, better, and bolder; I apply all of those concepts when it comes to fashion and design. In addition, fashion and creation were…

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  • Personal Essay: Fashion Is A Piece Of Beauty

    “Fashion is more than just a material world, is a piece of art that not everyone understand. An art where every detail reflects their own beauty”. When I was little I always looked up for fashion, but I always said I was going to be a doctor, fireman, clown and dancer. I start growing up and I start to touch and feel fabrics, see how clothe was made, which colors and looks where in the season and to draw pieces that no one has and that where fashionable but beautiful at the same time. I always…

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  • Fast Fashion Industry Analysis

    “Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying” a famous quote by Lucy Siegle. Fashion has been a major theme of this century, and has become a way of individual’s expressing themselves and has turned into a recreational activity, but no one actually thinks about what cost society pays for this. Many clothing items bought in the United States today, happen to be manufactured in other countries. The price of clothing has many effects on the world, and might be cheaper in the US because…

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  • Essay On 70's Fashion

    1970’s Fashion Throughout the years people considered clothes only for warmth and survival reasons, but clothes is more than that it became later more important and it called fashion. In each year we have different cuts, designs and styles that are related to the changes and the society. The 70’s has some of the best elements and moods like hippie, punk, disco and more. The 1970’s is one of the most fun period that has also a lot fashion from cuts, designs, fabrics, popular designers and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fast Fashion

    Fashion is always changing; month after month companies are coming up with new styles for the upcoming season. Particularly in stores like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21, they come up with fashion ideas and designs week after week. These stores are a part of big business, specifically when it comes to fast fashion. The phrase ‘fast fashion’ refers to designs rapidly move from the runway and into stores in order to have the current fashion trends. Although this seems like a fantastic notion for those…

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  • Fashion Industry Research Paper

    are at an all- time high across the country. Eating disorders and negative body image, have the highest fatality rate out of all mental illnesses. Not only are our self-body image issues increasing, our beauty and fashion industries profit is increasing. In Both the beauty, and fashion industries, the standards are unrealistic and are causing; eating disorders and negative body images on both men and women. These industries standards need to show a dramatic change, to fit a healthy lifestyle, or…

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  • The Importance And Influence Of Fashion Brands

    Fashion brands found its own ways to grab the client’s attention. Thanks to posters magazines and influential people, fashion designers were able to attract many clients to their label, each targeting a specific kind of people. With the invention of colored posters, magazines, and even celebrities have all deeply helped in the rise of such brands. In fact, the use of celebrities and recognizable names to promote and advertise fashion has been a prominent part of retailing. This practice has been…

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