European Union Emission Trading Scheme

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  • Economic Impact Of The European Union

    The European Union is an economic, social, and political union of 28 nations in Europe. Created in the aftermath of the Second World War, a union of European states was sought out and was believed to be the solution to the endless bloodshed that, fueled by the nationalist rivalries between its neighbors, had been ravaging the continent for more than a thousand years. Today, with the institution of the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht, the European Union uses the powers it has acquired from its…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The European Union

    presidential election. The European Union can be double edged sword for France since it has to deal with both domestic and the union’s problems at the same time. France is extremely focus on strategical measures to help the European Union but the presidential elections are in April, and public’s opinion could reflect the way in which they feel about staying in the European Union. Marine Le Pen has promised to have an in or out referendum with six months of her presidency, if she is elected as…

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  • Complications Of Corporate Social Responsibility

    worldwide. CSR has become an integral part of today’s business environment. Despite the growing trend towards the implementation of CSR, the United States seems to be lagging behind other countries, such as the United Kingdom and those in the European Union, in the depth and impact of their CSR commitments and actions. This gap may be attributed to the different political, social, and economic cultures present in the institutional frameworks of other nations. The idea of social responsibility…

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  • My Passion To Study International Law

    “Home is where the hearts is”, my home is Kazakhstan one of the ex-soviet union countries where the collapse of the Soviet Union have a severe contradictory economic, social and legal effect on my homeland in spite of 24 years of Independence. My passion to study international law goes back to 1991, when the Soviet Union had collapsed, with Kazakhstan becoming an independent country. One of the aims of our first president was to build new international relations. I was four years old when I…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Alien And Sedation Act

    The Alien and Sedation Act were bills that supported the immigration of French refugees into the United States. As a result, of the chaos in France due to the revolution, many French citizens wished to flee. This caused controversy in the United States since many did not support the Act. This group, the Federalists, supported the XYZ Affair, which was known as a quasi-war between France and the United States. On the contrary, the Democratic-Republicans supported the Alien and Sedation Act. This…

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  • Connolly And Tran's Article: The Impacts Of A Single Market Makes On Society In Europe

    In Connolly and Tran’s article, they show us many different beneficial things that the European Union has done for Europe over the past years. They believe one of the biggest achievements of the European Union was the establishment of the single market. Other benefits include the single currency throughout Europe, easy passport-free travel, and Democracy and human rights for all citizens. I thought this article was very influential for my presentation because it maps out many different…

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  • The Importance Of Cooking Techniques In France

    France is located in the continent of Europe. In Europe, France is considered as the second largest country. It is geographically positioned in the northern region as well as the eastern and western hemispheres. It is the 43rd largest nation in the world. Paris is the capital city of France. The city is bounded by different countries of Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg, German, Italy, Monaco, and Spain. (worldatlas, 20015) Historically, the French culture was influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman…

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  • The United Kingdom Should Leave The European Union

    order to determine whether the United Kingdom should stay as part of the European Union (the EU) or leave the international organisation. The United Kingdom and the EU have an interesting history with many disagreements over institutions. This then caused a national identity crisis as to whether the United Kingdom wants to class itself as being ‘European’. This is relevant to the main argument for exiting the European Union (an event called ‘Brexit’) in the idea that the United Kingdom would be…

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  • Character Analysis Ratatouille

    the important take away is not this heartwarming lesson, but rather the way that global communities stereotype those with a standard American accent, such as the one used by both Remy and Linguini. According to Jessica Love of The American Scholar, European accents are typically perceived as high class and knowledgeable in foreign…

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  • Japanese Internment

    across world history, often characterized by implementation of racialized discriminatory immigration practices. In this essay, I am going to compare and contrast the history of the Japanese internment in the United States during WWII with recent European Union processes. In 1942, President Roosevelt executed an enforced relocation of Japanese citizens and immigrants, which lasted for four years. It was officially declared as an authorized evacuation of all “enemy aliens” from designated areas…

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