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  • What Is The Rise Of Evangelizing The Chosen People By Ariel Yaakov

    an internal reverence and acknowledgement that this Jewish identity is special and is to be protected even when the person isn’t following the tenets of the faith associated with this identity. Yaakov addresses head on the connection between eschatology as a motivation for mission. Yaakov labels this as “an intensive messianic, premillennialist hope that viewed the Jews as the chosen people and emphasized the role of the Jews in God’s plans for the…

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  • Anabaptism: The Condemnation Of Galileo

    that revolution was good, and Protestants had assumed that it was abhorrently evil. Secondly, the Marxists defined the Anabaptists in terms of a social class, while the Protestants had primarily defined them in terms of ideology (spiritualism plus eschatology). Although some Protestants had earlier noted the lack of education among Anabaptist leaders, this marked a significant shift in viewpoint.” The reformation began when Harold S. Bender penned and article “The Anabaptist View”. His…

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  • When The Kings Come Marching In Summary

    In When the Kings Come Marching In, Mouw draws together the themes of eschatology and a Christian view of culture. Mouw uses Isaiah 60 to examine the religious transformation of culture. Isaiah uses strong word pictures to envision the transformation of the city of Jerusalem that is to come. This future city of Jerusalem is very…

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  • Kingdom Of God Analysis

    Luke 13.28-29. What is meant by the kingdom of God? The “kingdom of God” is a reoccurring theme in the New Testament, but there is a lack of explanation as to what it means. Jesus explains “Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets” will be in the kingdom of God, and then people from around the world “will eat in the kingdom” (Luke 13.28-29). However, there is no mention of what the kingdom is and whether it is has already occurred or is yet to come; this has led to various theories…

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  • Mathean Gospel Chapter 16 Analysis

    Chapter 16 of the Matthean gospel provides the first instance the word church is used in Scripture. There, Peter gave the revelation of Jesus in verse 16, in response to the question found in verse 15. That revelation prompted Jesus’ declaration in verse 18, “… I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The word “church” in the Greek is “ekklesia”, which conventionally can be interpreted, “called out ones.” For over 2000 years, Christ’s Church has been existed;…

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  • Yahweh In Wisdom

    (A) Yahweh's achievement in latter days (4:1a) (1) bə’aḥărît hayyāmîm (in the latter days) denote the final period of history and is not an expression for the end of history. The prophet's future was not eschatology. It means "a future that is not presently discernible." It denotes "in varying contexts a remote future that paradoxically reverse the present situation and at the same time brings to a fitting outcome that toward which it is striving." There is a sense of conclusiveness but…

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  • Albert Wolters's Creation Regained

    Albert M. Wolters begins his book Creation Regained by exploring the same foundational concept that has been the building blocks of our entire four year education at Dordt (and for those brought up in a Reformed educational system prior to Dordt, most of their adolescence as well). Wolters defines worldview as, “the comprehensive framework of one’s basic beliefs about thing” (2). He then goes on for a few pages expounding on this definition, explaining what he means by “beliefs” and what he…

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  • The Christian Life Analysis

    In my Master of Divinity program I wrote a paper entitled, “What is the place of work in the Christian Life?” That paper was a reflection on Lee Hardy’s book, The Fabric of This World: Inquiries into Calling, Career Choice and the Design of Human Work. While Hardy’s work began with an examination of Greek thought in regards to work and leisure, as represented by the works Plato and Aristotle, a contemporary piece might begin with Working, by Studs Terkel, moving from work into theology, as…

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  • Implications Of LUCY

    HISTORY OF LUCY SPRITIUAL IMPLICATIONS OF LUCY Lucy the character is additionally outwardly connected with Lucy the female primate (human progenitor) that experienced 3.2 million years back on earth. The fossilized Lucy was found in Africa in the nation of Ethiopia in 1974. In the climactic scene were the White female Lucy extends her hand to touch the finger of the living Lucy primate in a shot that reviews Michelangelo's 'Formation of Adam' subtle element from the roof of the Sistine Chapel-…

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  • Symbolism In Emily Dickinson's I Heard A Fly Buzz

    Emily Dickinson’s poem “I Heard A Fly Buzz” has caused debate on what the fly and the buzzing stands for. Dickinson’s poem symbolism of the fly can be tied back to Christ or it has been seen as a negative symbol. George Monteiro asks the questions, why is that “Fly” in the room, and why is death personified as the “King”? He looks back and compares this to the folklore legends. He examines the religious legend surrounding the death of Jesus Christ and the flies which gathered on Christ’s body…

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