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Transhumanism and Posthumanism

Each and every individual possess intellect, physical and psychological attributes. People long to know about what the future may bring. Some are even afraid of it. According to Fukuyama (2012), the fundamental principle of transhumanism holds that someday, humanity will be able to make use of biotechnology in order to make themselves stronger, smarter and longer-lived. It is the belief of transhumanist advocates that they have the understanding as to what constitutes a good human being. However, Fukuyama (2012) believes that humans are miraculously complex products of a long evolutionary process-products whose whole is much more than the sum of our parts. On the other hand, posthumanism is a discourse which
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According to Samuelson (n.d.), posthumanism has two distinct kinds: (i) the philosophical-cultural posthumanism; and (ii) the technoscientific posthumanism. These two types of post humanism share the same belief that there is no stable fixed human essence. An example of that is the human nature. Human species are no less than “work” in progress and that humans have the ability to redesign and enhance themselves in order to defy biological limitations. How then humanity will be able to reach the posthuman age? Samuelson (n.d.) believes that the answer lies in transhumanism. Although transhumanism has nothing in common with religion, because it does not involve in the belief of god or gods or any system of worship, it can be considered as quasi-religious in the sense that transhumanists also want to overcome the limitations of the body and forever live. Religious people believe in God and that when death comes, heaven awaits for them. Before the rise transhumanist ideas, religions advice their followers that death is certain and …show more content…
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