Transhumanism Essay

What 's transhumanism, and what can it do for us? Throughout history, aging has been something we would like to prevent. Transhumanism might offer the answer most yawn for. Transhumanism “is a politically and emotionally charged word scientists refer to as the augmentation of the human condition through technology, to improve human intellect, physical, and psychological capabilities” (Jiang, 2015). Technology plays an ever-increasing role these days, more so now than any other time in history. Due to progresses in engineering, science, robotics, and neurosis, we’re on the precipice of great change. This could lead to an ethical and social meltdown, or a utopian society. Regardless, this is a wrong idea because it’s against God’s work, and core …show more content…
We have reached a point in history where, the prospects of boosting our intellect, instincts, perceptual, and physical capacities through deliberate and ever growing direct human engineering. But at what cost?
Transhumanists desire immortality. As (Rectenwald, 2015) states, “If technologically possible, why wouldn’t we want to transcend our species.” Transhumanism supporters should also ask themselves, post all these changes what’s next? With the fast growth in technology, we 're seeing a huge increase in wearable Transhuman technology, to a few, it’s fascinating yet, some who think the idea must be halted like me. While trans humanism can extend our lives, we must all reject it because it will lead to overpopulation, will degrade human values, and it poses an existential threat to
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Considering the techs available today, ways to stop aging might be achieved sooner than expected. As we cure illnesses, we just might discover how to stop aging. If achieved, would it be justifiable to proceed with it knowing the repercussions? For example, a population crises, and inequality as some will exploit it, and others won 't. Aging and death are natural outcomes for every life form. We can try to delay it all we can but at the end, nature will take its course. Transhumanist attempts to impede nature 's course, would just cause problems. If people stop dying, we will have more babies and consume more resources. With more babies growing up, famine will rise. We don 't have the space, water, and other prime materials to sustain a population that doesn 't age or die. The economic and social impacts will affect society severely. Per (McIntosh, 2010,) “In the short run, economic security is threatened by the continued progress of NBIC

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