Empire of Japan

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  • James H. Doolittle Quotes

    optimistic instead of being pessimistic or from the neck down and fight with all your might. James H. Doolittle was a famous Aviator because he was an amazing aeronautical engineer and was an amazing world war 2 pilot who succeeded in intimidating Japan through their attack to get revenge for Pearl Harbor and gain their respect and the famous quote by him describes his type of character which is brave and optimistic because the quote is saying to fight and be optimistic and fight with all your…

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  • Effects Of Hiroshima Bombing

    ideal target for American bombing as it was an important military centre of the region. The book states that the city “had been an inviting target – mainly because it had been one of the most important military-command and communications centers in Japan” (HERSEY, P.42). Besides the military importance, Hiroshima had a favorable geographical position which would help to harm the territory as much as it was possible so that to make the bombing impressive and to show off the military power of the…

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  • Falcon Field Advertising Analysis

    Falcon Field, This historic part of Arizona was built in Mesa in 1941 with many factors contributing to its construction (Arizona Aircraft Wrecks). The Construction of Falcon Field started with Mesa’s Major George N. Goodman talking with local military officers and saying that construction of this airfield would cost the city of Mesa $50000 dollars to build (BREAK GROUND). While at Falcon Field there would be a large building housing the kitchen and the mess hall, and to the right of it was the…

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  • Comfort Women Essay

    the entry time. The government of Japan, thereby, had to have been involved in this issue and cooperated with its military and police to successfully build the comfort station system. That was to say that the government of Japan was an operator of the comfort station system. However, the government of Japan did not fully acknowledge their crimes that they created the comfort stations in 1993 after the Korean woman’s groups issued a…

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  • World War II Propaganda Essay

    an effort to dehumanize Americans while portraying pride in a Japanese nationalist mindset. “The media was making the Japanese feel as though they are superior to the United States.” Superior in tactics, ability, and in unity. This superior ideal Japan had in mind for its citizens can be explored in the animated film Momotaro’s Sea Eagles. Momotaro, is a popular hero of Japanese folklore dating as back to the Edo period. The Momotaro’s Sea Eagles, is, “[a] mix [of] cute animal characters with…

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  • Japanese Imperialism Analysis

    A critical analysis of Japanese history reveals that Japan was never a subject of imperialist control. Japan adopted a unique strategy of imperialism as a way of preventing any foreign invasion. The Japanese people were determined to resist any form of domination by western powers. For this reason, Japan adopted imperialism and focused on expansion, an aspect that was common among the European countries. Unlike other Asian countries, Japan pursued imperialism and registered significant outcomes.…

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  • Disney Goes To War Analysis

    Disney Goes to War It's the year 1944. Imagine sitting in a Navy Vessel, preparing for an invasion of Normandy, with at least 50 men per boat, no less than 10,000 vessels total. There is barely any elbow room, waves crashing against the sides of the boat, tilting it back and forth as feet become soaked from the water on the floor. Nobody is talking. The only sound that is heard is the occasional vomit of a soldier that is seasick and the thundering of the ocean that surrounds the vessel.…

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  • Fog Of War Analysis

    said, ‘If we’d lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted as war criminals.’ And I think he’s right, He and I’d say I, we're behaving as war criminals.” (Fog of war) Both Lemay and McNamara knew the devastating consequences of firebombing most of Japan. All the innocent civilians killed were just another number in McNamara calculations. McNamara continuously implies that other actions taken would have been better. He claims that the actions taken during the war were to end the war. Instead…

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  • American Propaganda

    Propaganda has been around since the early 1600s, but during World War II, it was utilized in a way that graphically showcased two different groups of enemies as two distinctive groups: monsters and victims. However, the groups of people that were put into the two groups were very different. The Japanese were depicted as buck toothed, yellow skinned idiots obsessed with scrap metal while the Germans were shown as victims of Adolf Hitler’s regime. Americans notably portrayed the Japanese this way…

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  • Effects Of Japanese Internment

    Canadian soldiers that finally escaped left traumatized by their experiences and hated anything to do with Japan. Canadian government figures felt the same towards these Japanese, as they didn’t want to take a chance and risk the safety of their country by separating the horrible acts of the Japanese soldiers with those that were citizens of Canada. Canada was also part of the Allied Powers, while Japan was part of the Axis Powers. This automatically pinned them against each other, and created a…

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