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  • Analytical Essay: The Battle Of The Coral Sea

    Battle of the Coral Sea This study presents a thesis proposal on the causes of the Battle of the Coral Sea, the outcome, the weapons that were used during this battle, and the commanders from both sides who led this battle. The proposal will be divided into the following five sections: Introduction The Battle of the Coral Sea was one of the greatest naval battles ever experienced along the Australian shores. In this battle, the United States of America fought with Australian forces against the…

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  • How Did Pearl Harbor Changed The World

    echelons of the Japanese government setting aside their pride and coming to their senses. In a world where this occurred, they would have seen the blatant truth that Japan was absolutely no match for the United States military and economic power. In the event of Japan…

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  • Effects Of Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor

    Once japan occupied Manchurian, conflict intensified. According to source B as Japanese aggression increased, its relations with the US deteriorated. This surprise attack on the US with two waves of Japanese aircrafts was all caused from Japans lack of natural resources according to source B, the search for alternative supplies underpinned foreign and military policy throughout the decade…

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  • Compare And Contrast Trafalgar And The Battle Of Midway

    ESSAY 1: Naval technology has evolved at a rapid pace. In this essay we will compare the difference in tactics and technology utilized by navies in history. To effectively determine the changes we will be evaluating two of the most famous and important battles in history. The battle of Trafalgar (1805) and the Battle of Midway (1942). Both of these battles are of significant importance to their respective navies histories are also characterised as events which changed the course of a war. The…

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  • The Battle Of Midway: Turning Point In The Pacific

    The Battle of Midway is often regarded as the “turning point in the Pacific” as well as the most decisive victory in the history of the United States Navy (USN). The United States had been planning for a war with Japan for years, but when the time came, Japan was second in priority to Germany. The Japanese leadership of Admiral Yamamoto, Commander of Japanese Combined Fleet, and Vice Admiral Nagumo, commanding officer of the carriers, wanted to take charge in the Pacific by putting all of their…

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  • Analysis Of Salt To The Sea By Ruta Sepetys

    In the book, Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys it is set during world war two and specifically describes the details of Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship that had over 10,000 people and was hit by torpedoes. This book consists of four different characters with their four different perspectives. In the book, Salt to the Sea, by Ruta Sepetys at the beginning of the book Sepetys addresses a fear that each character possesses . Joana says, “Guilt is a hunter.” Florian writes, “Fate is a hunter.” Emilia notes,…

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  • Isoroku Yamamoto: The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

    On the morning of December 7th, 1941, the world had experienced a catastrophic event that had changed the course of history. The Bombing of Pearl Harbor happened in the midst of December where it was presumably a calm and quiet morning when suddenly, Japanese planes soared over the island, reigning bombs among the American military. The plan coordinated by Commander Minoru Genda, Rear Admiral Takejiro Onishi and Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto had consisted of delivering a surprise attack and dealing…

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  • Why Was The Pearl Harbor Attack

    the U.S. was already able to break the Japanese diplomatic code, they got news that Japan was going to attack, the only problem was that the message sent to Washington D.C. got there too late. The second warning sing was a sing before the attack, a radar picked up Japanese planes, but the people who picked up the signal thought that the plane on the radar was American B-17s due from the West Coast (Why Did Japan Attack?) Due to the terrible handling of warning sings, Pearl Harbor gets attacked…

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  • Short Term Consequences Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor

    World War II was a global war, a very significant point in history, which changed the world today. The war went from September 1st, 1939 to September 2nd, 1945 (HistoryNet, 2015). One major event during the war was the surprise bombing of the American Naval Base, located in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. It was bombed on the 7th of December, 1941 and lasted for around 2 hours. Conducted by the Japanese during WWII, the attack on Pearl Harbour led to severe and influential outcomes which altered the…

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  • The Battle At Midway Summary

    The battle at Midway island, approximately half the distance between Asia and the United States, in June of 1942 was one of the most significant battles that the American military would fight during the course of World War II, and author Craig Symonds reports the details in his book, The Battle at Midway. Despite many accounts of this battle, Symonds offers a unique and incredibly researched narrative that brings his work into its own interpretation, separate from others. Symonds description of…

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