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  • A Gesture Life Summary

    A Gesture Life is about a Korean man Franklin “Doc” Hata, who was adopted at a young age and raised in a Japanese family. Hata is in his seventies, and lives in a suburban town, Bedley Run. He is content with his big house, and the relationships he has made from owning a local medical supply shop, “Sunny’s”, which he sold to a young couple. Hata begins to have flashbacks to his time serving for the Japanese army in Burma. He hides his Korean origins during his time in war, until a group of…

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  • Juno Beach

    Gold beach is between Port-en-Bessin and La Riviera. Dangerous cliffs at the west of the beach meant landings had to be under taken on the eastern side. The British 50th Division was tasked to capture the beach and move west to capture Arromanches and connect with American forces at Omaha. Then reinforcements would land safely into Normandy. In command of the beach was Major-General Douglas Graham, he was supported by the 8th armoured brigade. They were against parts of the 352nd infantry…

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  • Julie Otsuka When The Emperor Was Divine Analysis

    of many families knowing that some of them would never see their loved one come home. The lives of 2,300 Americans lost on their own country’s ground. After word of the attack spread to nation’s capital there was an immediate declaration of war on Japan, so forth putting The United States of America into World War II. Additionally, with the country having many Japanese-Americans calling America their home. The fear of possibly having another attack on the United States soil there was an…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: How Tule Lake Changed My Life

    Conner Yoshimoto Mrs. Marino 21 September 2015 Short Story It started one morning in February, 1942. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive order 9066. It stated that all Japanese Americans are sent to internment camps in the United States. A news anchor reported this too. Little did I know that this moment changed my life forever. One morning I awoke to raised voices. I could recognize my mom’s voice, but the other was foreign. As I walked downstairs I saw what must be an official with…

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  • Walter Short Essay: The Attack On Pearl Harbor

    The Attack on Pearl Harbor The attack on Pearl Harbor was a very shocking event that devastated a lot of people. The attack on Pearl Harbor killed many people and damaged a lot of things. Hundreds were killed, but only a few survived the attack. The attack on Pearl Harbor can be remembered because of when it happened, how it happened, and how it affected Americans. Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941. At 7:50 a.m., John Ramsey yelled saying "AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR, THIS IS NOT A…

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  • Racial Discrimination In Night By Elie Wiesel

    World 2 was a clear example of racial discrimination. Although the death toll was no where near comparable to that of the Holocaust, it was still an unfair oppression that holds its place in American history. On the morning of December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. “2,403 Americans were killed, and 1,178 were wounded”(“Attack on Pearl Harbor” Wikipedia). Approximately two months later on February…

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  • Us Foreign Policy Dbq

    Foreign policy has been a struggle for the US, ever since immigration was started. However, many advancements were made, both for good and bad as a more modern America progressed. As Pearl Harbor was bombed, as the League of Nations failed, and as the US tried to stay neutral and isolated, the advancements of foreign policy were changed drastically. From 1920 to 1945 those changes were the most profound, as America became a more modern, civilized society. One of the vital pivot points of…

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  • USS Maine Defeat

    The USS Maine was the first massive battleship to join the US navy fleet. It weighed more than 6,000 tons and cost more than $4 million to build. In a friendly manner, it was sent to Cuba to protect American concerns about US citizens and US interests. Later on, a fight between the Americans and Spanish broke out, beginning in Havana, in January 1898. “An explosion sunk the ship killing 260 Americans on board the vessel. A U.S naval court ruled that the sinking of the ship was caused by a sea…

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  • Japanese Concentration Camps: Similarities And Differences

    A concentration camp is a place where ¨prisoners” are held mainly to work or be executed. The Japanese and the United States had different ideas of concentration camps. They definitely had more differences than similarities. The United States used internment camps instead of the concentration camps used by the Nazis in Germany. The internment camp I'll be talking about is called Camp Harmony and the Japanese concentration camp I will be talking about is all their camps in general. The United…

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  • Tensions Between The Soviet Union And Usa After The Cold War Essay

    There were high tensions between the Soviet Union and America after the Second World War. Propaganda in the United States showed intense hatred of Stalin, and therefore the Soviet Union. Although the world leaders met and cooperated with one another, they had different opinions on the majority of topics, leaving several conferences with unanswered questions. The Yalta conference was one of those conferences that showed the dissimilar beliefs of Stalin and Roosevelt, The Korean War also proved…

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