Emotions and culture

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  • The Namesake Speech

    “Even without makeup, I could never pass for true Chinese” (Tan). In the story “A Pair of Tickets” I believe that the make-up that “runs off” Mei’s face from the heat symbolizes her true identity. These two stories are about two completely different cultures that have characters that originate from other countries and find their selves in the same position. There is plenty of cultural diversity in America. There are people from all over the world including myself. We all have something in common…

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  • The Western Woman's Harem Analysis

    Andrea Roman both delve into their struggles with culture conflict in their articles “Size 6: The Western Woman’s Harem” and “We’re Not...” to not only compare the differences between lifestyles but also reveal to the reader of their attitude toward the American society. In terms of approached subject material, usage of narration for personal experiences, and structure, the author’s writings are almost identical. It is their injection of culture through past occurrences that make it possible to…

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  • Identity And Cultural Conflict In Kiran Desai's The Inheritance Of Loss

    The novel deals with chaos, despair, ethno-racial and historical relationships between people from different cultures and backgrounds. Love, longing and losses are dexterously handled in a humane manner articulating diasporic experiences of the novelist who is an Indian citizen but a permanent resident of America. Kiran Desai is deeply interested in India- the India…

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  • Analysis Of Jalan Ke Makkaah

    INTRODUCTION I read ‘Road to Mecca’ in Indonesia version. ‘Jalan ke Makkah’ was translated by Fuad Hashem. Although it is in Indonesia, it makes me more understand and feel the story rather than in English version. However, there is a little bit difficult for me to digest certain Indonesian word. But it is not hinder me to follow the story and the lesson that the writers want to enlighten. I learn a lot of lesson from the journey of Muhammad Asad. Although in the beginning of my reading, I feel…

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  • Anger In Literature: The Angry Young Man

    Definition: a. According to Arnold Wesker, Anger is an emotion culminated with antagonism and hatred against somebody or something. He believes that it is a healthy way through which one can expresses the negative feelings. b. john Gerard Braine defines anger as a passionate reaction designated by extreme displeasure, wrath, or animosity. Additionally, he considers that this feeling does vary extensively in different individuals and cultures. c. john Osborne conceives of anger as an everyday…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of An Indian Father's Plea By Robert Lake

    Fitting in is not the easiest thing to do. I went to a predominantly African American middle school in a predominantly African American community. I assumed all schools curriculum were the same but I was wrong. My mom moved us to a community across town that had more Caucasians than African Americans and I had to then transfer schools. At my former school I was a top notch student academically and was sure to carry that reputation with me. That was not the case. I struggled in the new classes…

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  • What Is The Irony In Old Dorte's Life

    novel to represent the irony of the happiest country in the world. Though Dorte has unlimited opportunities because of the welfare state, she is still unsatisfied and depressed. Her depression is expressed with the abundance of tiredness and lack of emotion. The Aunt Dorte does noticed that her niece seems upset, but the conversation is quickly turned. Helle represents how most mental health conversations go in a Danish society with this example, “‘Hello, love, what a nice surprise. What brings…

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  • Reflection Of Ded Na Si Lolo

    The main issue in the film, Ded na si Lolo is the impact of culture, specifically of irrational beliefs. In the movie, it depicted our traditions and superstitions about family ties and wake. Ded na si Lolo featured how a family cope up with the death of a loved one. It perfectly shows the attitudes and practices of Filipinos that surrounds death, the funeral and the wake. Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies,…

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  • How Does Music Affect Mood?

    colors and color combinations are soothing. Consequently, the appropriate use of color can maximize productivity, minimize visual fatigue, and relax the whole body. The color of kings was purple. For people of power red carpets were rolled out. Some cultures believed that certain colors were thought to have specific healing or energizing powers. Cool colors make rooms feel larger and also bring a feeling of calmness. Warm colors are stimulating and inviting, and are good for making large rooms…

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  • Song Analysis Of Aubrey Drake's Thank Me Later

    However, the artist does not clearly state who he was involved with in the song. This is an example of a situation where the reader should have some prior biographical knowledge in order to understand the artist’s emotions. The main essence of this verse in the song was to clear up rumors that came up about the relationship. Later on in the verse, Drake says “There was smoke in the air before that was me clearing it.” In the spirit of talking about the relationship…

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