Emotions and culture

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  • Ah Rass Poem Analysis

    Firstly, Moniza Alvi and both John Agard use specialist language from their cultures. This suggests that they are being truthful and wholesome to their specific identities and cultures in their writing. Agard uses the phrase ‘ah rass’ he wants to show that he still uses dialect from the other half of his culture. Alvi uses words such as ‘salwar kameez’ or ‘sari’ to portray that she does recognise her culture and lives it to an extent because she could have simply that they were traditional…

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  • Cultural Norms In Research

    one alternative against another”(Johnson 6). In this way, values allow for a group to have a set of points or guidelines to follow in terms of behavior and action. Many values correlate to guiding principals that can be extremely important for a culture to use as a guide. Some of the values that my family finds most important are honesty, trustworthiness, and teamwork. These values help us to set up expectations and guidelines for our actions. For example, my siblings and I were always told…

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  • Essay On Gender Roles In Afghanan Culture

    In various different cultures there are traditions and rituals that define what it means to be a man or a woman in a specific culture. Growing up in the U.S i have seen many ways in which biological origins have influenced the gender roles in a society. Different roles vary in different countries all around the world from labor, marrige, socaliaation and education. However, as things change a wide variety of things are accepted in todays time,. Tradiontionally, in most countries the woman are…

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  • The Theories Of Listening To Music

    Music has been a big part of the human race’s culture. Music dates back as far as 250,000 years, and has been known for being all over the world. With the grand variety of music selection, each song has a different way of being perceived; for countless years psychologist have been trying to connection music with ones emotions. Music has been reported to induce a full range of human emotions. So how is it that organized sound and beats evoke such an emotion in a way that is in capable from any…

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  • Conveying Emotions

    Emotions are present in everyone’s daily life, as they change to accommodate each new situation we experience. How you feel can affect your personal motivation, actions, and attitudes towards peers. Expressing emotion can be an easy task for some and it maybe uncomfortable for others. According to a study by Gross (2014), emotions occur when a situation is deemed important to an individual and they have assessed it to some extent. The emotion is the reaction to the situation they are in. The…

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  • Adidas, Athletic And Non-Fashion Apparel

    market is a highly beneficial and highly competitive market as well (Powell 2015). As because of globalisation all the multinational sneakers companies operate almost every countries of the world, so the sneaker companies need to deal with various cultures of different countries. Most of the time all the sneakers companies give too much importance on product…

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  • Why Women Smile Analysis

    Mothers always tell their daughters to smile, to look nice and to have manners. Since that moment women are built to follow certain stander and no matter what women always seemed to hide their emotions and put a fake smile on their faces as Cunningham stated in her essay Your real emotion aren’t welcome here (page 190). Lama Farhoud whom I interviewed for this essay had been through a similar experience and she was also pressured to smile and to act in a certain way for a different reason…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Falling In Love

    influenced by our emotions and feelings. People interact more with friends, neighbors, and family depending on how they feel when they are around. Some of the positive emotions, we might refer to as affection, care, and love. However, this process become more complex when we start thinking about the concept of romantic love towards a partner and what makes it different from the love we feel for our family members, friends, etc. In the article, “Experiences of falling in love: Investigating…

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  • Misunderstood Art Of Dance Essay

    a sense of culture and community. People have been dancing since early civilization and for some it is a way of life. Dance can be traced back to early days of civilization sourcing from Africa and Europe. Many people argue about if dance is a sport or an art. Which i believe it is an art, that has lost its respected beauty along the way. For centuries, dance has been a way people expressed their emotions and an outlet for their frustrations. Dance has even been used in various cultures for…

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  • Power Distance

    using the wrong power distance management can lead to a huge negative influence on productivity and speed. Especially in this fast-paced economic, speed means everything. Therefore, leaders need to understand what industry he is managing and the culture background of employees before giving direction or command. Uncertainty avoidance: giving uncertainty to to unsuitable employees can put employees in a very uncomfortable place. If leaders do not handle this carefully, uncertainty avoidance can…

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