Emotions and culture

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  • Reflection On Social Work Cultural Competencies

    feelings and emotions, and thoughts about past events and situations. Surprises There were a few surprises when taking this pretest. A few of the questions that were pertaining to Cultural awareness were surprising because of the strong vocabulary that was used. Especially the vocabulary used in question number six on page thirty-five which uses the words intersectionality and…

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  • Honor In Modern America Analysis

    what it would really be like to feel or obtain honor and all that comes with it. Honor is not being portrayed in the world the way it should be. Society is often changing the meaning of honor. Even though honor is represented differently in other cultures, it is being shown differently than it used to, people do not realize that is has changed so much, and cultural concepts have affected its true meaning. Honor is shown differently; it depends on the type of person and the choices they make.…

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  • Pluralism Worldview

    through which a person sees the world. It’s a perspective that is unique to either one individual or social group, and is shaped through life experiences, emotions, upbringing, etc. Understanding the worldview of another can give great insight into how that person’s mind functions and why they make the decisions that they make or feel the emotions that they feel. It can also demonstrate the agenda of a social group. Many of the following topics are aspects or contribute to a person’s worldview.…

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  • Emotional Response To Music Analysis

    is powerful, it can bring out emotions in people while still allowing the artists to release their emotions in the song. Music can have an influential effect on people. These feelings usually catch us off guard. Most of the time a person does not think of music as contributing to why we may feel morose, ecstatic, and anything in between. As songwriters and singers, their goal is to make popular songs that people want to listen to. Artists want to convey the emotion that they’re trying to express…

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  • Chapter Summary: The Footbridge Dilemma By Bazerman

    long-term interest because of a temporary emotional or motivational impulse to pursue some tempting alternative, whether due to addiction, hunger, sexual arousal or some other transitory passion” (Bazerman, Pg 105). The chapter further examines how emotions and cognition are in conflict or controversy during certain decisions. A great example of this provided in the book are the “the footbridge dilemma” or “trolley switch dilemma”. There are two scenarios that are difficult decisions.…

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  • Emotion In The Workplace

    In the 21st century, an emotion display is showing an important characteristic in the workplace, especially for the service based organisation such as insurance, airline and restaurant. This is because the market of service based organisation has become bigger and competitive compared to others. ‘Service with a smile’ is a one trade route for the service based organisation to enhance the customer satisfaction and with ‘smile’ can reveal about contemporary attitudes to emotion in the workplace.…

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  • Language Effects Of Language In Fahrenheit 451

    Language on Expression of Emotion In both 1984 by George Orwell and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the societies are depriving themselves of language. Fahrenheit 451 presents us with the horror of a society choosing to discard all that elicits deeper, meaningful thoughts. Combined with the nightmare portrayed in 1984 of a world systematically destroying their own tools to communicate with others, I decided to look into what effects language has on the expression of emotion in our society…

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  • Reflective Essay On Latino Culture

    that I have felt entirely consumed with the culture of being Latino. As a child, I was aware that I had an aspect of myself that was different from many of my peers and I mostly identified it with the ability to speak a different language. Growing up, it became clearer of the ways it affected my personality and character, as well the way I socialize. In recent years, I realized how special it was to be of my ethnicity and the awareness made latin culture become increasingly evident in my life…

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  • The Theories Of Listening To Music

    Music has been a big part of the human race’s culture. Music dates back as far as 250,000 years, and has been known for being all over the world. With the grand variety of music selection, each song has a different way of being perceived; for countless years psychologist have been trying to connection music with ones emotions. Music has been reported to induce a full range of human emotions. So how is it that organized sound and beats evoke such an emotion in a way that is in capable from any…

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  • Examples Of Individualism Vs Collectivism

    people from other cultures and backgrounds. We find it interesting and enriching. But sometimes, things might go wrong and we may not know the reason. Knowing and understanding dimensions of cultures can prevent any misunderstandings and help us to work more effectively. 1. Individualism versus Collectivism Individualism- People believes personal freedom and action. They believe that you simply build your own choices, which you need to watch out of yourself. When in a culture, people follow…

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