Emotions and culture

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  • Charles Taylor's Arguments Of Human Beings

    this paper has argued that human beings are interpretive creatures by following Charles Taylor’s argument. That is, human beings sense the things, such as situations they face and emotions they feel, through their respective subject-referring imports. The subject-referring imports are hugely affected by their own culture, language and vocabulary which enable them to articulate their feeling, desires and aspirations, and their situation in several ways. Based on the imports, human beings perceive…

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  • Cultural Culture Inventory Example

    predominant culture in the United States incorporates communicating in English, practices Protestant Christian religion, and having European heritage, traits and attribute I do not possess. Therefore, my race is a co-culture. Because of the 'social effects that African Americans a subject to, it has become important to me, to be part of a community who knows the effects that racial discrimination and injustice, can have on a person of color. Generation Another of my co-culture is…

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  • Medea Is About Extremes In Human Emotion Analysis

    extremes in human emotion.’ Discuss. It is within the very nature of humans to be captivated by extreme emotions, yet within his Greek tragedy Medea, Euripides also demonstrates the extent to which we are bound by idyllic values of social order. This disjunction founded upon passion and reason is best contextualised by the gripping antithesis between Medea and Jason respectively. While Medea is the embodiment of barbaric excess, Jason is the unadulterated archetype of Greek culture and its…

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  • Cultural Differences In Child Psychology

    adult. Also, there are many different factors that a child experiences growing up that can influence these adult behaviors. Many experiments have been performed to prove these different variables as true. These may be variables such as money, social, culture, age, location, and heuristic bias. First of all, it is evident that each family raises their child differently depending on factors such as money. According to the article, “Developmental Psychology’s Weird Problem” by Jane C. Hu, a family…

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  • Dead Visual Art Analysis

    because one was able to see and explore the creative expression of the individuals who were part of the performance. In general, the Day of the dead visual art altars engaged their audience by expressing strong historical connections and powerful emotions. The concept of visual arts refers to a visual perception. Photography, ceramics, paintings, sculpture and decorative arts each successfully demonstrate an example of this concept. Many believe that every picture tells a story and that is…

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  • The Importance Of Self-Report In Personality Research

    and their answers are assumed to be accurate and predictive of behaviors associated with those traits. These reports essentially rely on the ability of respondents to accurately remember and report on the cause and/or effect of momentary thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Thinking heuristics provide insight on the behaviors that participants may be more likely to report. Considering the fact that respondents typically answer personality assessments within a certain period of time, they often…

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  • Min Zhan Lu Anzaldua Summary

    Lu and Anzaldua being in similar situations they both responded differently to society trying to conform them from their culture in order to be “socially accepted”. ”Like others having or living in more than one culture, we get multiple, often opposing messages.” (Anzaldua pg.78). What you do and the way you react in order to stand up for yourself, your beliefs, your culture, etc. is going to impact the rest of your life. Knowing that you should make sure your decisions are beneficial to your…

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  • Quinceaneras Research Paper

    Hispanic culture celebrates the 15th birthday of their young ladies. These celebrations are called Quinceaneras. They are celebrations where the family showcases the young lady and introduces her to society, basically celebrating her coming of age. However living in America, it’s customs have become our customs therefore we decided to celebrate my daughters sweet sixteen. During this highly anticipated event we surprised our family members with music and a folk dance from my Parents homeland, it…

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  • Cultural Disparity Analysis

    Garland states that culture in a cognitive aspect, refers to the values as well as norms, thoughts, and beliefs in which a human uses to determine and build a world that fits in relation to their specific culture. Garland explains that culture is not singular; it is made up of numerous ideologies such as prejudices, intelligence, science, etc. It would be unfair to believe that culture just involved one or even two thoughts or practices. Culture is derived from numerous avenues of a human as…

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  • The Importance Of Culture In Guardians Of The Galaxy

    apart by culture. It is what helps every individual learn how to act and handle themselves, which makes everyone different. Culture is a place of acceptance and providing each individual with how and why they should act like they do. It protects and brings people, a group, together. “Culture refers to sets of learned and patterned behaviors and beliefs that a group of people view as reasonable, normal, and timeless” (MindEdge, 2.05, 2016). Guardians of the Galaxy represents many cultures within…

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