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  • History Of The Hipster Culture

    What is the Hipster Culture Really All About? What word first pops into your head when you first hear the word “hipster”? Some think high top converse, coffee drinker, others think cigarette, beanie wearing, politics lover. No matter what word we think of it always comes back to the millennial version of a hipster. No one really thinks into how this culture started and the background of it all. They first started in the 1940’s when the label was a “beatnik” hipster instead of the known…

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  • Personal Narrative-Original Word Boy

    Then dashed across the street and through the woods to surprise Gramps. I’d begged to go, but Dad had insisted that school comes first. Minutes later, the school bus wheezed to a stop. I stepped through the glass doors and found Jacob Sanders an uber Emo kid wearing a vintage tee and dirtied up black chuck Taylors sitting by himself near the front. “What’s up Einstein?” He greeted me the same way every morning. He called me Einstein—formerly Word Boy but it morphed—because he said I talked all…

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  • Dark Shadows Compare And Contrast

    Dark Shadows (2012) is an interesting film, as Tim Burton (director) attempts to twist comedy and horror in this parody-like remake of an old TV series with the same name. The old TV series, Dark Shadows (1966–1971), was a gothic horror series that had over 1248 episodes and was considered quite popular during its air time. It amassed a significant fan base and even has its own wikia fandom dedicated to finding anything related to the series. The series also obtained a 7.6/10 rating which is…

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  • Shiseidon Interview Research Paper

    After the previous success of our interview with Persephone, we were requested to interview Poseidon. We sent our reporter in to get the scoop. I was by the Jersey Shore carefully following directions to where Poseidon was to meet me. He said that it was a “sacred sacrificial ground for prisoners of war.” It seemed to be a normal section of restaurants by the shore but I had hope. When I finally made my last turn and I saw the sacred ground. A fish stick stand. On the bench by the fish stich…

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  • Emi's Relationship

    “Friendship is as delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks.”- Waqar Ahmed. The relationship between my cousin Emi and I have been broken and repaired too many times in our short lives. Emi is only one year younger than me and we have been friends since forever. When we were younger, we were inseparable. Our families went every together including restaurants, church, and amusements parks. We commonly talked on the phone until we both had cell-phones then we…

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  • Music Stereotypes

    walked into a Hot Topic store at the mall, those characteristics produce the same generic image of someone who probably listens to heavy or extreme music. Hardcore music is an extremely broad genre but can be broken down into four main subgenres: punk, emo, screamo and heavy metal. Often these hardcore people get judged for being out of control or violent and are thought to be unfriendly or harsh to others who are not like them. However, this is not the case. People who have these tattoos and…

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  • Analyzing Erikson's Theories Of Identity Formation

    small group I am friends with today. When I was 14 I went from never being kissed to the whole yard in a short time period and at the unforeseen end of a semi long run with the guy I was beyond infatuated with I started to develop from my current ‘emo’ phase into more of an ‘old schooler’ which coincidentally was what said guy had developed into towards the end of our duration. After…

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  • Stereotypes And Misconceptions Essay

    Looking at a person and putting them in a “group” that they would belong to, is something we do all the time. Stereotypes are widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. We all do this to everyone we see, but we also give misconceptions too. Why do we do this? Think about if you knew who that person really was, would it be different then the stereotype you put them in? A great way to start is to understand what stereotypes and misconceptions…

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  • Madness In King Lear

    To lack good judgement is one of the major themes Shakespeare explores in his masterpiece King Lear, a tragedy concerning the aftermath of the abdication of King Lear. The plot carries a character development; a descend into madness as a result of an act of folly. This paper further examines the origin of Lear’s madness, how the madness is externalised and finally puts the play and theme into historical context. The cause of Lear’s madness can be pinpointed to several places, depending on your…

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  • Feminism In The Breakfast Club

    Or any other aspect which might be useful in an analysis of the film The Breakfast Club analyzed through a Feminist Lens Thesis: The Breakfast Club portrays women’s individuality and men’s masculinity within society. Stereotypes are shown throughout the movies shapes the individual identity to fit society, and the gender role. John Bender: John bender is a ruthless character who has gone through a lot in his life time. He is represented as the criminal from the group of characters in, “The…

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