Argumentative Essay: It's Time To Stop Bullying

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Kids and adults should not be put in any pain but in to-day’s society people enjoy hurting one another. There can be various reasons why people bully each other. Some people could have a valuable explanation but trying to physically and emo-tionally hurt someone is wrong. The ending effect of bullying only causes damage. Bullying is a major setback on all different kinds of people, today people are trying to put an end to this madness by raising awareness.
The question people are asking today is why kids and adults bully each other? Sometimes the bullying is too much and can take a toll on people and they often consider suicide. Even in children parents wonder what they could do to prevent this from happening but there really is no solution. Young adults are literally bullied to death. At a time when a child is being bullied it can have a physical and emotional pain so the only answer for ending the bullying is ending their life. Parents are now stepping up and facing the challenges to speak out loud about the causes of bullying and what it could do to people. (Friedman 13).
Bullying can be prevented and stopped; it is not a part of just growing up it has
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It is an issue for tons of adults in the work force and online. Most of the bullying that happens during work has to do with higher authorities like managers and bosses. Since work could be very competitive it reflects on the behavior by males and females (Friedman 7). There are three types of bullying with adults. The first type has to do with the person that caused it and the only reason why they do it is because it makes them feel better in the process so usually this person has self esteem issues. The second type of bullying has no compassion or sincerity for the victim it’s only hurtful. The last type of bullying has to do with personality issues and the perpetrator is usually very self righteous (Weber

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