Argumentative Essay-It's Time To Criminalize Bullying

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Leo Tolstoy once declared, “You think that your laws correct evil—they only increase it.” This also pertains to bullying, meaning that punishing this action worsens the problem. Bullying, as society knows, has been infamous for its horrifying events, explaining the existence of debates over whether the government should activate laws to criminalize it. However, numerous people do not realize that there are various degrees of bullying, and the vicious occurrences are the heavily focused ones. Despite its popularity for being negative, bullying does not deserve to be punished with prison. Without a doubt, bullying has negative outcomes, but it provides enough positive effects to deem authority unnecessary. In fact, Alice Park, a journalist …show more content…
According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, “The focus on blame, shame, and criminalization is divisive.” They add that it can also “be a roadblock to getting youth and families the professional support that is needed to make a positive change and prevent future suffering.” Despite that, society has been unable to grasp onto that concept. They instantly jump to conclusions, setting jail as the best solution. In reality, it causes numerous problems. More importantly, the Department of Education’s assistant secretary for civil rights, Russlynn Ali, focuses on school’s role in bullying: “It’s hugely important to set the (school) culture right and make it safe for all” (Toppo). Considering that, bullying occurrences must take society into accountability, and it displays that schools and teachers are influences. All in all, they are the other solutions to the bullying problem. On the contrary, Eliza Byard, the head of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, feels that “Locking children up (and) imposing criminal penalties on children represents a tremendous failure on the part of adults” (Toppo). This implies that sending them to jail causes negative effects, and it creates a bad impression on adults in general. In conclusion, when society fails to find any other solution, they resort to authority and do not take note of alternative

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