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  • Analysis Of Racism Through The Eyes Of Children

    Racism Through The Eyes of Children “We tend to think that you have to be white to be a white supremacist...Some of the worst white supremacist I know are black people”-Anonymous. In society we tend to believe that white supremacy in the United States came from white people and even though this may be true, some black people believe in white supremacy as well. Racism is the belief that based on abilities and characteristics one race may be superior or inferior to another. Sexism is the belief…

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  • Why Teenagers Deserve Privacy Essay

    It is not new for parents to be nosy. Even before social media existed, parents have been snooping in teenagers’ social lives by listening in on their private conversations over the phone. Now that social media is popular and most teens are using it, it is easier for parents to keep track of teenagers. Social media has many positive and negative aspects. If teenagers are aware that social media can sometimes be dangerous, then obviously parents are also aware. Although there are many reasons as…

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  • Personal Experience With Stereotypes

    like the ones seen in those typical teenage movies. We see the nerds who tend to be loners, keeping mostly to themselves or spending their time studying, the jocks who walk around in crowds wearing their letterman jackets or sports related attire, the emos or goths who wear black or wear band T-shirts and listen to heavy metal and rock music. They are categorized to be something they really are not because not everyone is the…

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  • Personal Narrative: How I Changed Myself

    mentioned that I changed myself a lot through middle school and even my freshman year of high school, in order to get other people to like me. Allow me to set the scene; it's eighth grade, and two of my closest friends have entered what you might call an "emo phase." They've discovered the joys of tumblr, SuperWhoLock, and Hot Topic. Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, My Chemical Romance- these bands all become staples, favorites, and suddenly they're going to concerts left and right.…

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  • Narrative Essay On Baby Mouse

    Mars Borges Literacy narrative My first comic I fell in love with was Baby Mouse— a sassy elementary schooler going through the ups and downs of early public education. She was funny, the stories were fun, but more importantly, I loved the look of the books. Every comic had a limited color palette of black, white, and pink, which I found to be the coolest thing. The speech bubbles were distinguished, the text had a unique font, the art was cute— sometimes I didn’t even need to read it, just…

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  • Elephant Droppings: A Short Story

    CHAPTER ONE Elephant Droppings Three hours before I vanished, I was in science class constructing a model of Mount Everest from common chemical components. When I finished, I stepped back to admire my creation. It was amazing. It looked like a cross between a glob of taupe foam and elephant droppings that had been patted into shape. It was almost perfect, except for one key ingredient. “You forgot the gray food coloring,” my temporary partner—tall, slender, snooty—Madison Mills snapped. “Oh,” I…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Canada Economic System

    Should canada and america have common economic system w/ lil gov involvement tldr; nah fam we good where we are lmao I just find it funny how in one country we criticize one economic system and encourage another, and it’s usually the opposite in a country right next to it. I’m talking mainly about Canada and the United States, of course. I mean, for the sake of the essay, I’ll write my opinion on this but it’ll be pretty shady and biased since I live in Canada and we have a mixed economy. So…

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  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Research Paper

    The way I see it everyone has a 'who am I' or a 'who do I want to be' phase. For some people this phase can happen in grade school, for others it could happen after something tragic ,and for some it just never happens. No one wants to regret their choices in life. They want to cherish every single moment. Yet, some people think rushing through life, will solve everything. They rush to get into college, to get a job, to find a person to start a family with, and to please everyone. This not the…

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  • Personal Statement: Fulfill Your Life's Purpose

    transformation I have undergone, I would not be able to do my life’s work as easily as I do now or even fit it into my daily sched-ule. This is a wonderful example of how the universe, your soul and higher self will not only prepare you physically, mentally and emo-tionally but also provide material support that will allow you to do your life’s…

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  • Violence In The Movies: An Analysis Of Media Violence

    50 shades… The majority did not have their abusive relationships because they liked the book, but they liked the book because their attraction to masochism. This is evident when one walks thought the hallways of a normal High School. One can see the emos, Jocks, Metal heads, Weeaboos. And if you get to know this people, it is easy to realize they are not who they are because of the media, but because of their own personal taste and…

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