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  • Mean Girls: Non-Verbal Communication Analysis

    Non-verbal communication is the ability to interact with an individual or more without the usage of words and is used to send out a message through the usage of various signals and symbols. This method of communication is misleading to an extant since one cannot always interpret the real message which is trying to be conveyed. In this essay, the movie Mean Girls, will be examined and explained through the usage of the 8 non-verbal communication methods. Kinesics Kinesics is the study of physical…

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  • Important Social Changes

    young adolescents to be able to express autonomy and differences from parents (Hodkinson, 2007). Goth is a youth subculture which originally emerged from the punk movement, consisting of a large variation of variants such as steampunk, metal, death & emo. Within this youth subculture, forms of self expression are presented through the way people choose to dress, and their overall appearance, reiterating empowerment amongst individuals. This links with Parsons sociological perspective on ways…

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  • Alan And Jenny Moro

    Alan and Jenny Moro were a married couple who had been trying to have a child for many years. After two failed attempts they finally had a child, on March 3, 1998 a little baby entered the world and they named it Emily Amber Moro. That, of course, is me. My mother, Jenny, is of Hispanic origin. She was born in New York, but her parents are from Dominican Republic, her first language is Spanish and she lived in America until she reached middle school when her parents decided to return to their…

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  • Symbolism In The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

    When the term Gothic is presented, it is mostly assumed that a person is talking of an Emo or someone who wears mostly black, yet the term Gothic means so much more than that. Gothic is more of a style of writing that Poe took an uncommon interest in. The Gothic writing style is a form of expressing horror, fear, and gloom in pieces of literature…

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  • Against School Uniform Essay

    their way of dress is inappropriate for their age group. They are trying to stay up on the latest fashion trends and impress their peers by what they wear. Then there are the not-so-typical teenagers, who dress, as we like to say ‘differently’: Goth, Emo, Punk Rock, etc. All of these teenagers identify who they are with their clothing. But it is the clothing that gives the first impression on everyone in the world. Their clothing is what their student peers are looking at and are automatically…

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  • Personal Narrative: Black Veil Brides

    Black Veil Brides are definitely not meant to be thought about too much. Joe made a new document - a list of the songs we wanted to hear. I was fairly new to the band at the time and didn’t know some of the songs that Marli added, but of course tiny, emo, very-uncool me pretended like I…

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  • Six Types Of Depression

    depressive disorder may have episodes of major depression along with periods of less severe symptoms, but symptoms must last for 2 years.” Persistent depressive disorder is a very serious type of depression and is usually mistaken for someone being “Emo” , “goth” or just a “sad person”. Persistent depressive disorder is also known as Dysthymia and is most commonly seen in adults. Dysthymia is most commonly found in adults but many people suffering from dysthymia have been suffering from it since…

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  • Mental Health Persuasive Speech

    You are walking home and you see someone talking loudly to themself. In this day and age, you’re first thought will probably be that they’re talking on the phone or through an earpiece. You take a closer look and realize that they aren’t; they are talking to themself and clearly look upset. What do you do? Do you walk up to the person and ask if they need help? Do you run away screaming at the top of your lungs? Or do you give him/her a weird look and text your friends saying: Hey, if I die…

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  • The Effects Of Stress On The Body

    There’s no denying that were all humans that have emotions and live everyday life with some form of stress. The actual cause for stress differs in many ways that just having something ru-in a day. The mental effects that stress can have on one’s body making hard to function throughout the day. Scientific research and statistical studies show many ties to long term effects that stress can have. The effects that stress can have on the body can very well be both mental and physical. It’s not a…

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  • Case Study: Social Isolation Or Education Game-Changer?

    Social Isolation or Education Game-Changer? At age 18, Alecia Faith Pennington decided to break free. Even though it was September, the heat was blistering in Texas and Faith felt it bright on her back as she jumped into her grandparents car. “This is it,” she thought, “this is the start of my new life.” Little did she know that freedom might be just as hard to find outside her childhood home. Faith was raised and homeschooled in a conservative household, and as well as being isolated from…

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