Racism And Sexism

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Racism Through The Eyes of Children

“We tend to think that you have to be white to be a white supremacist...Some of the worst white supremacist I know are black people”-Anonymous. In society we tend to believe that white supremacy in the United States came from white people and even though this may be true, some black people believe in white supremacy as well. Racism is the belief that based on abilities and characteristics one race may be superior or inferior to another. Sexism is the belief one’s sex is naturally superior to another sex therefore the superior sex should dominate important areas in life from political to social life. Racism and sexism has been a topic of discussion for over centuries. Whereas, racism within a particular race is something often overlooked. Toni
Morrison was able to subtlety show the true meaning of what racism really is and what it can do through the eyes of young black children within “The Bluest Eye”. Toni Morrison explores sexism within her work which also impacted some of the characters. However, sexism
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Pecola, is a black girl who lives in a broken home; her father [Cholly] is an alcoholic who often fights with her mom [Mrs. Breedlove] and she has a brother who is always running away from home. Pecola is often picked on because of her dark skin, curly hair and brown eyes. “If she looked different, beautiful, maybe Cholly would be different and Mrs. Breedlove too...Each night she prayed for blue eyes” (Morrison 46); Pecola believes that if she were white all her problems will go away.“Each pale yellow wrapper has a picture on it. A picture of little Mary Jane, for whom the candy is named. Smiling white face…To eat the candy is somehow to eat the eyes, eat Mary Jane. Love Mary Jane. Be Mary Jane.”( Morrison 50). Pecola feels this way because all around her she sees pictures of famous white women. Not only this, but in her

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