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  • Toy Story 3 Archetype Analysis

    Jingnan Zhang English 3: Block Ms. Bunosky February 15, 2017 Archetypes in Toy Story One doesn’t usually watch movies and critically think about what is happening in it, but when one analyzes thoroughly, the audience can find some impressive things in the plots of these films. In the movie, Toy Story 3, the audience can clearly see a set of archetypes through the characters. Woody would be considered the hero, Buzz can be seen as the innocent person, and Lotso can be seen as the ruler/dictator…

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  • Anti Vaccine Argumentative Essay

    parent’s right whether they vaccinate or not. Many nearly eradicated diseases are making a comeback with anti-vaccine activists pushing uninformed parents to question doctors and no longer vaccinate their children. The first vaccine was created by Edward Jenner who made a smallpox vaccine and many others have been developed after Jenner’s. (Fee and Roth 1217). Today children are recommended to be given vaccines to protect against Hepatitis B, Haemophilus…

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  • Benefits Of Mandatory Vaccination

    of immunization through the inclusion of a pathogen in the human body, that is weakened to ensure that the body reacts by producing antibodies against the disease that you want to prevent. This revolutionary method was discovered by British doctor Edward Jenner in 1796, who found out that by inoculating people with the cowpox virus they were also protected from the smallpox virus and that the immunity could be passed from one person to another. I have to stress that the World Health…

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  • Orientalism By Vera Tolz Analysis

    The notion and study of orientalism in the West reached a different understanding from an iconic book called „Orientalism“, written by Edward Said. Nevertheless, contemporary discussions have highlighted various types of orientalism in the Western world, their perception of the „East“ , frailty of epistemological distinction made between "the Orient" and "the Occident“ and have moved way further than Said's description of the phenomenon. The author, Vera Tolz, wrote this book as a study of…

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  • Pride Comes Before A Fall: Titanic By James Cameron

    *In another scene of the movie, the managing director, Bruce Ismay, wanted the ship to go as fast as possible; in trying to convince Edward Smith, the captain, to use all of the boilers he told the captain that he should “...retire with a bang (Bruce Ismay Titanic).” Edward reluctantly gave orders to use the last four boilers as well. *There were several people mentioned in the movie such as, Lucy Noel Martha, John Jacob Astor, and Benjamin Guggenheim…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Vaccination

    violently, like whooping cough, small pox, measles, and polio, just to name a few. Physicians and other health care professionals had to come up with a cure to save millions of lives during that time of crisis with very little resources and technology. Edward Jenner, a well-known English doctor, saved the world from small pox when he discovered a vaccination that stamped out obtaining the evil illness. Jenner used his strong observation expertise to watch…

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  • Why Vaccination Should Be Mandatory

    Vaccination can save children’s life because, diseases killed thousands of children, polio was once Americas most feared disease, and thanks to vaccination there, are no signs of polio in the U.S. Vaccination should be mandatory for children because it’s easier for children because it’s easier for them to get sick. For example, a boy/girl that is sick coughs on his/her hand, shakes his/her best friend’s hand and his/her best friend eats with the same hand his/her sick friend shook. So now he/she…

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  • Smallpox Research Paper

    Today smallpox is an eradicated disease. However, fears of the disease still exist. In 2014 vials of smallpox were discovered in a refrigerator at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. There are also fears that smallpox could return as biological weapon used by terrorists Following eradication only two nations were allowed to keep samples of smallpox. The Centers For Disease control in the United States has samples of the disease. The Soviet Union and later Russia also retained…

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  • Similarities Between Frankenstein And Edward Scissorhands

    Frankenstein from 1831 and Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands are both extraordinary works of art with over a century between them. Both the book and film have a very strong similar theme between them that goes deeper than the plot and characters. Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhands have the same theme that the creatures aren’t always the monsters, humans can be the real monsters, they are not accepting of beings who are different. Frankenstein’s monster and Edward were both created in very…

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  • Anti Vaccinationist Argumentative Essay

    Vaccines are widely known as one of the most prominent, public health mechanisms ever invented. Despite the popular belief that vaccines are extremely beneficial for children that receive them, anti-vaccinationists claim that some vaccines correlate with the neurological disorder autism. There have been two controversial claims trying to relate childhood vaccinations to autism. Both claims presented can seem convincing at first but can easily be found falsifiable upon research. To fully…

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