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  • The Origins Of Post-colonism And Colonialism

    critics’ efforts to “undermine the text of colonial authority as well as to install a distance from the concepts of anticolonialist theory” (Parry, 2004: 67). It was referred to as ‘colonial discourse analysis’. Postcolonial criticism emerged with Edward W. Said’s Orientalism, it acquired the name ‘postcolonialism’ in the late 1980s. It is concerned with historical, political, cultural and textual outcomes of the encounter between the West and East. Initially it aimed at reviewing critically the…

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  • Homi Bhabha Case Study

    highly influenced by Western post-structuralist theorists notably, Jacques Derrida, Jacques Lacan and Michel Foucault. His theory is expounded in his books, Nation and Narration (1990) and The Location of Culture (1994). He, a diasporic person like Edward Said and Gayatri Spivak has popularized postcolonial theory by giving new terms such as, Hybridity, Mimicry, The other, etc. to it. His contribution to postcolonial studies is noteworthy…

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  • Postcolonization And Otherness

    Postcolonial theory is built in large part around the concept of otherness. There are however problems with or complexities to the concept of otherness, for instance: otherness includes doubleness, both identity and difference, so that every other , every different than and excluded by is dialectically created and includes the values and meaning of the colonizing culture even as it rejects its power to define; the western concept of the oriental is based, as Abdul Jan Mohamed argues, on the…

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  • Breaking Dawn-Part 1 Analysis

    Breaking Dawn-part 1 is the long anticipated fourth movie in the Twilight Saga. It hit theatres November 18, and has already grossed millions of dollars at the box office (‘Box Office Charts”). Twilight Saga fans have long anticipated Bella and Edward’s wedding, which takes place in the film Breaking Dawn –part 1. Reviews have been pouring in from critics and viewers, both having very different opinions about the film. Many of critics reviewed that the film Breaking Dawn-part 1 spent too much…

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  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Lighting Analysis

    are the movies Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, along with Big Fish to show the wide variety of techniques and their desired effect. Burton’s desired effect is to alter the audience’s emotions and builds a feeling inside like none other, with the uses of lighting, shots and framing, camera angles, and music/sound. The use of lighting in these movies is to show how a character feels or as a shadowing effect for a horrifying, sentimental scene. In the movie Edward…

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  • The Character Of Ahjussi, And My Gangster Like Lover

    Ahjussi (아저씨), also known by it’s English title The Man from Nowhere, is an action packed, thriller film starring Won Bin as the movie’s protagonist, Cha Tae Sik. The movie was released on August 4, 2010 and was directed by Lee Jeong Bum. The story begin with Cha Tae Sik, the owner of a pawnshop, who lives by himself and leads a quiet life. He is a quiet man and does not have any friends except for a little girl, Somi, who lives next door with her mom. Somi frequents the pawn shop, often selling…

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  • Analysis Of The New Empire Within Britain By Salman Rushdie

    In the extract from the essay ’’The new empire within Britain’’ Salman Rushdie, an Indian born Briton and author, explores the subjects of institutional racism, the subconscious racist nature of the English language and the stains that the time of imperialism has left on the British mentality. To gather Rushdie’s main thesis, one need only to look at the title: “The New Empire within Britain”. Rushdie states: “It sometimes seems that the British authorities, no longer capable of exporting…

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  • Behavior In High School

    Society has high expectations as to how individuals act in the presence of others and more importantly the type of conduct they show in an institution. Society runs on structure and if individuals do not know how to properly behave in societies’ preexisting standards, then it can turn chaotic. One approach to supporting societies structure is behavior. Initially “teachers are concerned with establishing and enforcing rules and they express discomfort with their authoritarian roles” (Jones &…

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  • Whorf-Sapir Hypothesis

    To begin with the research conducted by Daniel Everett does support claims made by the linguistic researchers, Benjamin Whorf and Edward Sapir. Specifically this essay will focus on Daniel Everett’s research that was about the Brazilian tribe called the Piraha. The specific concepts that will be focused on within this essay are about the linguistic relativity hypothesis, which is referred to as the Whorf-Sapir hypothesis (Lucy, 1997, p. 294). A purpose of this essay intends to demonstrate that…

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  • Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Films

    childlike innocence. Burton also doesn't hold back on using his imagination in his films; you can see his films tend to lean toward fantasy and fiction rather than being realistic. His style can be seen in Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Edward Scissorhands. To begin, in Burton’s film “Big Fish” we see Burton using flashbacks, long shot, cut, low key lighting, non-diegetic sounds, eye level, and high angle;…

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