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  • Major General Curtis Lemay Thesis

    “I had to do something” –General Curtis E. LeMay Thesis Major General Curtis LeMay’s role as the commander of the XXI Bomber Command influenced the victory against Japan by his ultimate success in the areas of strategic, operational and tactical levels of warfare. Without LeMay’s innovation and gallantry the United States’ air warfare tactics would have continued to be ineffective against the Japanese homeland. LeMay’s focus on the Pacific theater of operation while commanding led to the largest…

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  • Colonialism And Imperialism Essay

    Japan can thus be characterized as imperialist but also capitalist, and a colonizer but also a modernizer1. By the mid 1970’s North and South Korea, as well as Taiwan were success stories1. Both nations were advanced economically, through infrastructure…

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  • Shinobi Vs Samurai Essay

    During the medieval era of Japan, there were two distinct types of warriors. These are the Samurai and the Shinobi. How does the lifestyle of a Samurai compare to that of a Shinobi? Both types of warriors had advantages and disadvantages when it came to their lifestyles and fighting techniques. The two types of warriors also have a long history and have evolved over time. The life of a samurai was a life full of dedication. Everyday living his life to sever his master. Samurai were to live…

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  • Racial Group Analysis: Japanese Immigrants

    the Chinese. There are some well known stereotypes and racial slurs about the Japanese that are, in fact, quite absurd. While there aren’t many Japanese Americans, compared to other Asian groups, they still have a large impact in our society. Japan was, in a way, introduced to the U.S. in the 1860’s as that is when shipping opened up for their country to bring over labor workers and immigrants to America. In 1868, an American businessman, Eugene M. Van Reed, shipped a large group of…

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  • The Golden Period: The Heian Period

    In history, many civilizations have existed, but there are few who reach a peak time of peace and prosperity, where amazing works of art, science and education are created. The footprint left in society from these civilizations is everlasting and historians call them 'golden ages ' .The Heian period ( 794–1185 ) created a time in which Japanese art and literature flourished, and the Japanese court was at its peak. The unified religious practices of the Heian 's and, most importantly, the…

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  • Cultural Diffusion

    In Asia, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan were all influenced by Chinese culture, known as sinification or syncretism. Parts of of Chinese culture and societal structure were implemented into their own. Around the fourth century, the Chinese system of writing was introduced into Japan, this led to development of a bureaucracy, a better form of centralized government. The development of such a system made it possible…

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  • Tadao Ando

    (Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier) I will discuss in this paper the vision and concept that Ando‘s Architecture was built upon. II. The process of Ando's architecture Tadao ando is a self-taught architect. He was born and grow n in Osaka Hanshin area, Japan. Hansin is an old section, distinguish for its deep and traditional Japanese architecture. (Hien,…

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  • Thoujo Manga Essay

    Shoujo Manga, and the Rise of the Feminine Man The topic of masculinity is a topic that is often discussed and interpreted in today’s society. Many wonder what it means to be masculine or if we can even describe such a broad term. What is a man’s rights and responsibilities? What should a “man” be like, and what must they do to fulfill their roles? Most people will answer that masculinity can be interpreted as something close to hegemony, a quality defined by dominance, control, and power over…

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  • Immigration To America Analysis

    Some of the Japanese men even joined the army because it was the only way to get out of the camp. “The only way out was joinin’ the army. And supposedly, some men went out for the army, signed on, and ended up flyin’ to Japan with a bomb” (Shinoda) it’s here that you get a sense of how desperate these men were to get out that they’d betray their own homeland for freedom. This was the first instance of Japanese American soldiers, “Japanese Americans were now permitted to…

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  • Demming Cycle Essay

    well-known statistician and management consultant widely celebrated for his statistical process control techniques, sampling techniques, and product quality administration. His methods and operation management techniques are widely praised and adopted in Japan. He is regarded as one of the main influencer and top contributor to Japan’s economic development in the post-war era between 1950 to 1960, this period is also known as the “post-war economic miracle”. He later instituted the W. Edwards…

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