Effects Of Cultural Blending In WW1

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Cultural Blending in World War One & World War Two through Cuisine

Katie Miller
Venture High School
May 17, 2016

Before World Wars countries are different, they have more resources than they do during the war. The reasoning behind that is during war when countries are against each other their supplies get cut off and they don’t have what they normally have. During the war we they have these struggles of learning how to adjust their way of doing things can sometimes be challenging. Learning to adapt to these changes at first seem really hard but in the end it is what makes up a country 's culture and history. They had to change daily routine and help other community members adjust to change.
While in war sometimes
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There he used they had the prisoners help prepare items to sell. Karl’s Baumkuchen cake was a huge hit, he sold all of his cake throughout the 8 days of the exhibition . This looked very good for Karl and the Japanese were very happy that this cake was such a huge hit.
The Japanese people fell in love with this traditional layered German cake that later on becomes their famous wedding cake. Baumkuchen is not easy to make and takes special skills that not everyone has. You have to cook it while you keep applying batter on it while it’s on a rotating spit. This takes time and skill to create this layered cake. With Karl being the first one to introduce this to the people in Japan they were amazed of the flavor and how it came to be.
The Japanese people learned how to make this and other food that originated from Germany thanks to Karl. Different countries depending where you go put a different twist on it whether what it’s used for or what coating it has on
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This source is going to help me because it is a recipe for Baumkuchen, a famous kind of cake used for weddings in Japan. I’ve looked through the ingredients and looked at where they have come from.

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"Flags of Japan and Germany Overprinted the Two Hands." Getty Images. Accessed May 03, 2016. http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/handshake-between-japan-and-germany-royalty-free-image/504599899. This picture helps me visually explain the relationship/Cultural blending between Japan and Germany.

"Japan and Germany: Worlds Apart and Yet so Similar | The Japan Times." Japan Times RSS. Accessed May 03, 2016. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2007/06/10/books/book-reviews/japan-and-germany-worlds-apart-and-yet-so-similar/#.Vt8i2vkrLIU. This helps me understand the cultural in the country.

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