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  • Upward Comparison Theory

    A study has shown that Internet appearance exposure and magazine reading exposure were correlated with higher internalization of thin ideals, appearance comparison, weight dissatisfaction, and drive for thinness in adolescent girls of mean age of 14.9 years. (Tiggemann & Miller, 2010). As mentioned in lecture, an average American watches 5.13 hours TV per day. (K.Dalrymple, personal communication, October 26,2015). This data shows that television is a dominant media that plays a great deal in…

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  • Analysis Of Stand-Up Comedy By Aziz Ansari

    Forty five minutes. What can an everyday average Joe possibly do in forty five minutes? Well, you can, one, engage in extremely productive activities by going outside, feeling the warm sunshine on your back (it’s winter in the Valley so don’t worry) creating couplets so brilliant that Phillis Wheatley can’t even compare. Ah, productivity… OR you can binge watch an unhealthy amount of stand-up comedy by the famous humorist Aziz Ansari while crying and trying oh so hard to forget that Vaughn’s…

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  • Email Communication Security

    From a cybersecurity point of view the use of a private electronic mail (email) server must be justified by promoting the security of the email communications. The great value of email is that it permits exchanging messages between almost any two parties without much more preparation than the exchange of the email addresses of the communicating parties. But Goodrich and Tamassia (2011, pp.500-501) explain that fundamental email protocols do not address authentication, integrity or…

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  • Digital Reading Is An Exhausted Debate

    "Paper vs Digital Reading is an Exhausted Debate" written by the author Nick Harkaway, it is argued that the digital revolution will continue to grow and will never stop. Moreover, that technology has more pros than cons especially when it comes to e-books .Harkaway praises books in some parts, but his main talk was about technology; he says that technology is becoming a portion of the globe that we inhabit at a level below our notice, and technology is as important as roads or supermarkets. I…

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  • My Literacy: A Short Story

    The story of my history as a reader was both a positive and enduring experience. My literacy was first shaped by my family, especially my mother and brother, and then by my formal education, especially my first grade teacher. Because of their efforts, I have improved so much throughout the years, both as I grew older and as I learn more aspects of my own personality. From my earliest years, reading was an essential part of my life. My mother and my older brother loved to read. One memory of…

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  • AMZ Promoter: Article Analysis

    A free e-book on Kindle is a great first step to building an email list. And then once you’re established, once the signup list grows, then you can start offering paid e-books on Kindle. This serves you with two purposes; one, it’s a form of a second stream of income, and two, it continues to help build up your clientele email list. So why not just kick things off with a paid e-book? You could certainly try; it just may not go nearly as well as you’d like. Once you already have a free e-book…

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  • Case Study France-Joyeur To Hulu !

    Running Head: FRANCE – SAY “BONJOUR” TO HULU! 1 FRANCE – SAY “BONJOUR” TO HULU! 17 France – Say “Bonjour” to Hulu! International Marketing Anthony S. Arion Emporia State University Professor Joyce Zhou Abstract Currently, French citizens only have access to one Subscription Streaming Video on Demand Service. That service is Netflix. Two years after breaking into the French market, Netflix has shut down their Paris office and moved to the Netherlands. After mixed…

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  • Fixed Book Price In France Essay

    1) Historical background In mid1970, FNAC, the biggest cultural retail chain dived into book industry and started selling book with a significant amount of discounts, which conventional bookstore couldn’t afford. In this context, French government started to discuss the importance of regulating the price of books, and they took into action of the fixed price of book to achieve the idea of greater acceptance that cultural diversity and national unlikeness should be maintained and encouraged by…

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  • Compare And Contrast Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes

    In some point in time, there will be students who are going to attend college for the first time in order to get an academic degree, and it can be considered as one of the most important decisions they made in their lives. It is up to the decision of the students whether they should get it by enrolling on a traditional course, or by enrolling in online courses that are available on the Internet. The problem is that no one really knows which of the two options is better; online classes cost less…

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  • Personal Reflection On S-One Of My Strengths

    S- One of my strengths is that I made my topic very relatable, and everybody was interested in my warm up. The members were fascinated by the agar slides and where I went to contain the samples. They kept asking questions about the places that I obtained the bacteria and some seemed amazed at which slide corresponded with which place. It is important to have a compelling group to encourage active participation and learning about the group topic. Another action that I viewed as one of my…

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