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  • The Outsiders Literary Analysis

    Diego Ramirez Ramirez 1 Phelan Per:1 English 18 April, 2016 The Outsiders-Literary Analysis-characterization In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, there are many interesting characters. The character that I have chosen is the main character, Ponyboy; Now he is not like the others. The three main things about Pony is that he is concerned, fearful, and dependent. Pony is caring because he does not like to fight or kill anyone, he is fearful that the socs will jump or kill him, finally…

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  • Existentialism In The Outsiders

    Truth ts very often stranger than fiction, and it is true but strange that my three favorite books are called “The Outsiders”. Chances are you did not escape high school without a reading of S. E Hinton’s “The Outsiders.” This bittersweet tale of borderline blue-collar youth struggling to survive in a bleak urban environment is haunting and strange. Some of the denimed protagonists are still in high school, where they fight with the upper-class “Soc” boys and reveal surprisingly sensitive…

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  • The Centenarian's Tale Analysis

    In two of Whitman 's poems - 'Virginia - The West ' and 'The Centenarian 's Tale ' - he deviates from his established perspective in the collection, in which "his war scenes could be anywhere, North or South; his heroes are the masses of ordinary soldiers" through presenting the dominant figure of George Washington as central. This approach is one utilised by Melville throughout his own collection of Civil War poetry, as the majority of his poems focus on the factual and historical narratives…

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  • Dallas Is A Hero In The Outsider

    A hero is a person who is brave, outstanding, and noble. A hero is someone who is willing to do anything for you at any cost. When people think of heros they usually think of the main character in the story who saves the world and gets the girl in the end, They usually have super powers and stuff like that. But i’m talking about the foil character who does anything and everything for the other characters. Every story has one, And in the outsiders Dallas is the hero. Even know Dallas has…

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  • General George S. Patton: A Tragic Hero

    General George S Patton It was a tragedy. The losses, the deaths. World War 2 was the great depression. As an American General Douglas Macarthur once said ¨ Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” (History.com Staff). All american soldiers that were involved in the war were and still are amazing, but one soldier that really stole my attention was General George S Patton. George Smith Patton Jr was a great man, he did many things to save the people in World War 2 that were being hurt,…

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  • Civil War Movie Analysis

    Mississippi. General Robert E. Lee needed a way to get the Confederates back into good graces. Many of Lee’s people doubted that his plan would work, however he and his Army had won many victories and went forward with the attack. Events like the Civil War are often told differently when they are put on the…

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  • James Longstreet: The Old Man

    Even if their input could save lives or change the tide of battle, it was internalized and kept to themselves. They never questioned “The Old Man.” Lee’s right hand man was James Longstreet. A new breed of soldier. Filled with new ideas and having witnessed the changing face of war. Longstreet was a visionary. He envisions a different type of fighting. The style used by Lee, an in your face attack would only lead to two things: death and defeat. His efforts to convince his friend and leader to…

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  • Why Is The Outsiders Movie Like The Book

    The movie “The Outsiders” is based off the book by S.E Hinton. Where a group of kids from the east side of rural, Oklahoma have hard lives. From their parents being dead or not even caring about their kids, Because of this these poor kids from the east side have made friendships that can't be broken. Which the soc’s are jealous of because they don't have any feelings or emotions going through them because their parents are barely home. So basically The movie started off when Ponyboy got jumped…

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  • Ma James Longstreet: The Battle Of The Wilderness

    The Confederates shot from the Wilderness at the Union soldiers.The trees and underbrush made moving hard because of the difficulty the troops faced to move in an orderly fashion and was extremely rough on the cavalry and artillery. Right after 5 am the Union second corps, led by Winfield Scott Hancock, drove back the Confederates nearly a mile. James Longstreet arrived to aid the Confederates helping the fighting to be even more intense than the first day of the battle. Unfortunately for…

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  • Frado: The Six-Year-Old Girl

    We all have household tasks that we hate to do, whether it is cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen, most of us want someone else to do it for us. Not all of us get the chance to get someone else to handle those unpleasant chores for us. If any of us did, I would hope that we would treat the person who is handling such tasks for us with dignity and respect. That we would keep in mind that our actions and inactions have a direct impact on the person who is working for us. I would hope that we…

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