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  • The Advantages Of Ebooks Vs. Traditional Books

    The times updated and futuristic technology has won over the simple and classic possessions of our time can be considered immeasurable. We live in a world where everything has gone digital, or online, but some things are just better left alone. For centuries people have been in pursuit of ways to better the world with technology, whether others wanted to accommodate or to continue to reside in a classical age. As convenient as Ebooks and Kindles are in this day and age, traditional books have an…

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  • E-Book Is Better Than Paper Book Essay

    E-book Is Better Than Paper Book Bill Gates once said “We’re changing the world with technology.” Some people think Bill Gates’ advanced technology might ruin our society. On the other hand, some people think his technology create a new world. In fact, technology is changing our world day by day. E-book is one of the examples. Nowadays, you can see people reading books with different devices, such as phones, tablets, or e-readers everywhere. Once you have one of those devices, you can read…

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  • Compare And Contrast Reading Books And Watching Movies

    When asking a group of people whether they prefer reading books or watching movies, the responses will vary. In any case, some people will prefer reading books, and some will prefer watching movies. While reading books and watching movies are both entertaining pastimes, it is certain that they are exceedingly different. Although books and movies have many differences, they have many factors that are alike, as well. In the world today, book reading is not as popular as it once was. Reading an…

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  • The Importance Of Physical Space In Libraries

    Physical Space being used in Libraries Expectation, Situation Introduction Due revolution in information technology, the role of library has been changed astonishingly in past decades. Traditional libraries emphasis on providing quiet space and printed books, however, modern libraries are not only providing traditional academic reference service but also providing digital information service; not only for study but also for socialising. Scott Bennett deemed, “at the heart of any effort to…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages: Advantages Of The E-Book Reader

    Advantages of dedicated e-book Reader: • E-book readers like Nook create accessibility, are handy & less straining on user’s eyes than Computers. • Multiple books can be stored in one reader and are generally cheaper, so it’s both space & money saving. • Functionalities like dictionary, text-to speech and searches provide additional value to the user. For the success of e-book readers it is necessary to target the audience based on usage and age groups as this will help us marketing our devices…

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  • Picturebook Analysis

    Picturebook Analysis The book’s title is “a combination of a name and an epithet or appellation” (Nikolajeva & Scott, 2006, p.242). The reader can expect that the protagonist is a boy. “Incredible” and “book eating” further reveal the theme of the story; the word “incredible” implies an evaluation of the main character, which may disclose the opinion and focus of the narrator. The cover also foreshadows what the story may be about. Each word is represented in different fonts and sizes on the…

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  • The Joy And Enthusiasm Of Reading By Rick Moody

    Over the last twenty years, reading in America has drastically changed. The essays, “How to Mark a Book” by Mortimer Alder and “The Joy and Enthusiasm of Reading” by Rick Moody, both address how the use of books changes during your life. I feel that the way Americans read has changed since these essays were written. In today’s technology driven world, reading and interacting with a book does not require “cracking a spine” of a traditional book. Today more and more Americans read “books” on iPads…

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  • Hard Copy Book Value Chain

    they are cheaper and it is easy to carry with. In fact, when eBooks become popular, so to adapt to the change many publishers have produced eBooks in order to ass value chain for their customer. However, even though we can ignore the convenience that e-Books bring to our lives there are some people still love reading hard copy books because they love the feeling of turning page to page or they don’t have any electronic reader devices. Problem Analysis Even though we can ignore the value chain…

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  • Pressure Ulcer Evaluation Summary

    The article I choose was "Effectiveness of an e-learning tool for education on pressure ulcer evaluation" by Morente, Morales-Asencio and Veredas. The purpose of this article was to determine if e-learning modules would be more effective in teaching the assessment and treatment of pressure ulcers than the traditional classroom methods. Pressure ulcers are serious preventable clinical complications that can lead to pain, infection, hospitalization, and even death (Kelly & Isted, 2011).…

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  • Silent Questions

    If someone is silent: • Use the technique of doing “pair shares” instead of direct questions to individuals. • Have each person share, “popcorn” around the room, so everyone is expected to participate. • When using fictional examples to illustrate points, use this person’s name as part of the positive example. This can draw a person in and make them feel included. Be sure to never use them in a negative aspect. If someone is a “know-it-all”: • Thank them and change the subject. • Ask…

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