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  • Analysis Of Eat Bulaga

    Eat Bulaga can be tagged as the nation’s official noontime show to date, with 35 years and still running under its belt. It is a lunchtime tradition to the Filipino’s who just can’t get enough of our Dabarkads ( Tito, Vic, Joey and the rest of the gang). The Show first graced our television screens on July 30, 1979, since then it had survived many challenges as time goes by. The show entertained many viewers here and abroad, until it was franchised also by our neighboring country, Indonesia. The…

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  • Exploratory Behavior Study

    Hand-held devices and software, such as LeapFrog tablets and smartphones, have been co-opted into young children’s playing and learning for a period of time. Many studies have been conducted about using them effectively in educational contexts so that their positive potential impact could be boosted. For example, in the studies conducted by Disney, Barnes, McDowall and Geng (2013), it was found that the use of an iPad could enhance young children’s engagement in their learning and playing.…

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  • Dupin And Holmes: A Comparative Analysis

    The detective genre that Poe had created was changed from the gory origins it was to something that could be shown and acceptable to a younger audience. For example, Dora the Explorer was a detective, but she focused more on exploring and finding clues to solve crimes than on the actual crime solving. The Scooby-Doo show catered to younger teens, and showed them that being young detectives and solving crime could be fun, especially…

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  • Overuse Of Technology's Negative Effects On Children

    To begin, the continuous advancement in the technological world, specifically the addictive nature of mobile games, has negatively impacted children mentally. A child can become addicted when playing digital games that have no specific goal or motive -- one may call them ‘mindless’ games. For example, Flappy Bird is an app where the user must simply press their finger on their touch-screen device over and over in order to make a bird fly without getting hit. Unlike Sudoku or Trivia Crack which…

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  • Are Criminals Rational Or Serial Killers

    educational purposes a lot, there are a thousand programs created just for children. I don’t agree with the statement “kids who watch a lot of TV in adolescence is more likely to behave aggressively in adulthood”. The shows like “Wild Crafts”, “Dora the Explorer”, ” My Little Pony Friendship” and “Sesame Street” do not provoked violence or criminal behavior. Programs like that are helpful for child development, they open the imagination and the children learn things like friendship and team…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Literacy In The Classroom

    Hispanic culture and language. As I did learn English I realized it was never going to be easy for me given my circumstances. As a baby, television shows were my life. My mother would plop me down in my crib right in front of the TV and turn on Dora The Explorer for me to mindlessly consume information as she waddled over to the kitchen with her pregnant belly to cook for my father before he got home. Regardless of all the English, I might have been learning from TV shows, all that was really…

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  • Tiger Mom Essay

    When most moms have their first child, they want the best for them. What the definition of “best” means to these parents can differ. “Best” could be the happiest that they can be on their own accord, or it can mean that they lead a life with values going back generations. Tiger moms want their child to be better than all of their peers, they want to make sure that no matter what the child will not end up to be a failure. If the child is a failure, that could mean that the parent is also a…

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  • Rett Syndrome Reflection

    the lift by a paraprofessional that regularly works with Janet. After being placed on the bed/table area the first position Janet was placed into was on her stomach with a bolster type pillow under her chest. Ms. Winters placed an iPad with Dora the Explorer playing on it. This forced Janet to lift her…

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  • Personal Narrative: The LGBTQIA + Community

    When we were young, all we worried about was what mommy’s going to make for lunch, or when the new Dora the Explorer was going to come out. Nobody cared about romance, relationships, or any of that. And yet, once puberty struck, everything changes. Confusion and awkwardness fills the atmosphere of middle school, as if a secret came out and everyone was uncomfortable with it. However, this wasn’t the case for me. Some people may call me childish and immature, but I enjoyed watching cartoons –…

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  • Beach High School Essay

    I remember having my hair in three ponytails with pink knockers, jumbo twist, and a tiny clip at the end. I was drinking strawberry milk, at a wooden table that had a vase filled with sunflowers in the middle of it. I watched my grandmother read the Savannah Morning Newspaper with coffee stains on the front page. The stains came from putting her coffee mug on top of the paper to get up and stir the cheese grits that were on the stove. I always used to ask, “Grandma, can I have the funny page?”…

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