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Amber What is a warrior? What does it mean to be a fighter? Every time I look at my little 4-year-old cousin, Amber, she reminds me of what a warrior is. Amber Marie and her sister Alexia Rose were born 4 months premature and they weighed 1 pound 5 ounces. The doctors said that Amber wouldn’t make it to 3 months, but Amber proved the doctors wrong. Amber Marie Cisneros is Mexican-American and can speak 2 languages. She is as energetic as any 4-year-old can get. Her hair reminds me of Dora the explorer and she has super dark brown eyes. She has several scars on her body from the needles, tubes, and surgeries they had to do on her. She knows what happened to every scar on her body, from when she was in an incubator and to when she was in …show more content…
Every time she sees someone she knows, she will welcome them with a big hug and she will keep screaming their name until she is told to be quiet. She does act a bit churlish, but she has a caring heart. Amber is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Amber loves her sister so much and if something bad happened to her sister, Amber would go and hug her and ask if she is ok. When Amber 3 ½ months and in the incubator, her mom just looked at her and started crying, because she thought it wasn’t fair for her 2 little girls to basically be stuck in a box for the first 6 months of their lives, Amber gave her the biggest smile she has ever seen, and that’s when my aunt knew things were actually looking up for once. One of Amber’s biggest traits is putting others, before herself. After almost 2 ½ years of no major problems with the girls, Amber and Alexia got majorly sick with RSV. Amber’s was the worst, but Amber didn’t think so, she thought Alexia was going to die. My aunt told me the whole ride in the ambulance, Amber was screaming her sister’s name. When they finally got Amber calmed down in her hospital room, she begged the doctors to let her see her sister Alexia. Over the past 4 years, Amber has evolved into a beautiful girl. She is the true definition of a warrior and a fighter. She has taught me a lot on how I should be putting others before me. It’s hard to believe that they could’ve been dead, but instead God told them that he

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