Alexa's Life: A Short Story

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All Alexa’s life, she had a vision of the perfect family. She had two happily married parents, and two loving siblings, Jessica and Ben. Alexa was the middle child yet she never felt neglected, she really thought her life was perfect. Contrary to her belief, her life actually wasn’t perfect though. If her life were perfect she’d have family on her side, she’d live a stable lifestyle, and she wouldn’t be terminally ill.
Alexa’s life began to go downhill when at age 13, her mother Julie was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her mother couldn’t go out as much as before, and when she could go out, it wouldn’t be for long or the family could not do as much. Nobody complained much besides Ben, who was only 11 at the time. It was all so confusing for him, luckily for him though he had his big sisters Alexa and Jessica to help him through it all. The family stayed close because they didn’t know how much time they had left with their mother, for the treatment was not working too well with her. Two years after her diagnostics, she died leaving everyone she knew in despair, especially, her husband and 3 kids. Though the entire family took it hard, Alexa had it the worst. At the age 15, Alexa has now lost her mother and
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At least the family I hoped to have comes whenever I need them, Alexa thinks. Since she doesn’t have the most ideal family, she’s grateful for the people she meets in the hospital, like nurse Nancy and Faith and Doctor Perry. Alexa’s life is quite unfortunate and she is very sure she will never get out of the hospital, out of her family struggles, and out of her own mind. Her 3 caretakers, however, play a huge role as to why Alexa is still holding on. It’s the daily messages they give to her on her food trays and the showing rather than telling her how they care for her that gets her going. They help build her up, so she takes it as her role to stay up for

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