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  • Taloria Anzaldua How To Tame A Wild Tongue Analysis

    In the essay “How To Tame A Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua the author touches upon issues like the division within and between languages and how an attack on her language is an attack on her as a human being. The author overcomes much adversity as she is not only prosecuted for her language by English speakers but by some people within her own culture.Her own mother had told her that without learning to speak English without an accent she would never be able to amount to anything worthwhile in…

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  • The 1950's: Television Analysis

    Television has revolutionized since its existence. Though it was crafted after the radio, it emerged by the 1950’s, becoming an iconic source of entertainment in American homes. The variety of genres presented such as news, situation comedy, and sports appealed to massive audiences. The incorporation of kinescope, color, and VCR’s all changed the ways in which television was consumed and made viewing more convenient. Since its existence to the present day, television has served various purposes…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Three Little Red Riding Hood

    Every night before bed, I waited impatiently for my grandma to read me one of her beautiful novels. I would walk into our room, where the shadows of the trees danced around the peach colored walls. The window that overlooked the moon glistened and reflected onto the candles that my grandma would turn off as soon as I fell asleep. We laid on the bed snuggled in my overly large blanket, my leg thrown over her in a way to keep her locked there. Her voice softened as she read me my favorite story…

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  • The Social Identity Theory

    Social Identity Theory In life we are categorized into many groups (whether it be based on our skin color, our culture, our type of music, the way we dress, and everything else about our lives) we cannot escape from it. We all put people into categories to help us simplify the information about people and be able to associate that information with people who would usually fit into that group, which now would even be called stereotyping. Both stereotyping and categorization are parts of a bigger…

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